Well Hi There


Let me give a little background.
My name is Sara Rowe. I’m 20 years old, an English major, and I love clothes. I started playing dress up when I was a little girl and I’ve just never stopped. It’s only recently, however, that I’ve felt like I’ve come into my own style and started feeling confident in the clothes I wear and the looks I love. ┬áBut this isn’t just a blog about clothes.
It’s a blog about clothes that every day people can afford. I always see blogs about how to look cute for cheap, but when I actually look at the prices, these people are usually spending more on a shirt than I do on a whole outfit. That’s why I want to create a blog about, as my friend Richie put it, fashion on a ration.
Every outfit I post will be around $25 or less, and for every individual piece I will list what brand it is, where I got it, and how much it cost me.
The origin of my wardrobe is varied: clearance at name brand stores, resale shops, and thrift stores are my favorite places. But I do not spurn garage sales or simply stealing from my sister’s closet! Whatever inspires me and that I can afford on my part-time, minimum wage salary.
Since I really started shopping seriously for myself instead of just throwing on soccer shirts and jeans, I have been amazed at some of the wonderful things I’ve gotten for very little money. I simply hope to inspire other people to realize that you can look incredible, and most importantly feel incredible, even without having an outrageous amount of money.
That’s why I chose the name for my blog, inspired by an English major’s best friend- Shakespeare. Because while some people may think something only looks good if it has a certain label and price tag, I believe that chic by any other name can still be just as chic