Meet Me in Saint Louis


Hey guys!
Time for my first outfit post, ahhhh! Now, this week’s outfits will be a little different than what I hope they will eventually be, because this week I’m on vacation in Saint Louis with my family. This means that my photos are going to be a little sketchy in quality because they are coming from my camera phone, so my apologies! I just want to give you an idea of my style and, honestly, I’m just too impatient to wait any longer to post again.
My outfit today is pretty casual, I wore it out to dinner and a little walking downtown.


Photo credit: Cheryl Rowe aka my mom

Red, white, and blue striped tank top: Old Navy clearance, $5
Black skinny jeans: Forever 21, $10.50
Navy Ked imitation shoes: Target sale, $9
Caramel braided belt: local thrift store, $1.80
Tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses: Forever 21, $5.80
Outfit total: $32.10

Now, I know I’m already doing bad here because my picture is not great. And then, I do the opposite of what I say I want to do with my blog and go over my budget limit on my first outfit.
But let me tell you why.
To create a functional wardrobe, you have to have (if you have ever watched What Not to Wear you’ll be familiar with these) “investment pieces.” These are items that are staples of your wardrobe and are worn constantly. However, unlike on What Not to Wear, you don’t have to invest a small fortune on these things.
In this outfit, I have probably my most important investment piece- my black skinny jeans. $10.50 may seem like a chunk, but for a great pair of jeans it’s worth it. And you only have to buy them once, that’s why they’re an investment.
Also another investment piece in this outfit is my shoes. I rarely pay nine bucks for shoes, but these were on sale and I wear them constantly. Like my black jeans, the navy color matches well with a lot of stuff and makes them an even better investment.
My final investment piece is my shades, and I don’t even really think I should count those towards the total. You can obviously leave them off the outfit and be fine. I have two pairs of sunglasses for about five bucks each that I literally wear with everything, and you can take them or leave them depending on tastes. But if you’d like a really cute pair for around six dollars, I’d recommend Forever 21.


So concludes my first post. I’ll try to post again while I’m in St. Louis and I’ll make a point to keep it under $25 😉



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