As I Wander Down the Garden Paths, My Dress is Richly Figured


Hi again everyone!
This will be my second and last post from Saint Louis, so hopefully that means my next post will be much better quality on the photos. Saint Louis is one of my absolute favorite places in the US besides Oklahoma, so I really wanted to do a couple posts while I was here.
Luckily tonight provided an absolutely gorgeous backdrop- we visited the Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Scattered over an already lovely garden were creations of silk, wire, and even glass bottles that light up at night and represent different aspects of Chinese culture. Maybe my favorite pieces were two enormous dragons constructed entirely of porcelain chinaware that breathed smoke and turned their heads periodically.




The effect was utterly enchanting and it was one of my favorite things we did this week. As enjoyable as the experience was, there was no getting around the fact that the Gardens are enormous and required some very committed walking. We spent around three hours wandering around and my feet were very tired!
But I knew what I was getting myself into so no complaints. For my outfit, I chose something that would be comfortable and easy to walk in but would still look pretty. I was in a classy garden with an elegant lantern festival, after all. I kept it much simpler than I normally would, but I thought it appropriate considering how much hiking I had ahead of me.




Black maxi dress with geometric patterns: Forever 21 clearance, $7
Bronze gladiator sandals: Walmart clearance, $7
Leopard bracelet: Cato clearance, $1.50
Tortoiseshell sunglasses: $5.80
Outfit total: $21.30

This is the only maxi dress I own, actually. I am, to put it bluntly, rather short and maxi dresses have a tendency to drag the ground when I wear them. I bought this one by chance at Forever 21 when I was looking through a big clearance rack. I liked the pattern and the ruffly hem and decided to try it for fun. I was happily surprised when it was the perfect length and gratefully took it home.
These are also my favorite sandals so they have a bit of wear and tear but I am in love with bronze so I still wear them all the time. I added the leopard bracelet because I thought it drew all the colors together and, just to warn you now, I’m also completely obsessed with leopard.
Again, this was a little more plain an outfit than I’m used to wearing, but I thought the garden and the lanterns provided all the ornamentation necessary 🙂 Hope you guys liked it, and hopefully next time my pictures will be a little prettier.


PS I hope everyone noticed that I kept it under $25 this time! Haha


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