Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds Admit Impediments


Hello again, my devoted followers (All 4-5 of you.) Today’s post is special for me, because I wore this outfit to the wedding of my friends Ty and Leslie. The sonnet I took my post title from is by Shakespeare, and is one of my absolute favorite poems (you should probably read it now http://www.shakespeare-online.com/sonnets/116.html). I chose it because Ty and Leslie perfectly illustrate a marriage of true minds; they are meant for each other and I am absolutely thrilled for them both.
Now, let me move on to more superficial matters and say I was also absolutely thrilled for the outfit I wore. Without further ado, my wedding (guest) attire:

 (Photo credit: ma mere)

Colorblock dress: Daisy Exchange (originally Tara Janson for Target), $4.50
Bronze heels: Daisy Exchange (originally Target), $6.50
Peacock feather hairband: Forever 21, $3.50
Bronze heart necklace: Body Central, $1
Outfit total: $15.50

Let me just label this a SUPER DEAL ALERT!!! This is obviously the cheapest outfit I’ve posted, and it’s also the most formal, a feat I find impressive. Daisy Exchange, where I purchased my dress and my shoes, is a resale shop in Oklahoma City that is an absolute treasure. They also have a location in Moore and one in Fayetteville, Arkansas. So if you are near to one at all, I recommend you check it out (http://www.daisyexchange.com/index.php). I love to buy dresses from Daisy Exchange because most of them run about $6.50-$8.50, and they have an enormous selection. I went there specifically to find a dress for this wedding, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this dress, fell in love, and then checked the price tag. The color combination is gorgeous in my opinion, and it’s a longer dress without looking dowdy, appropriate for a wedding. This is one of the best bargain buys I’ve made, I must admit!
Now, onto the accessories:
I am not a chronic heel wearer for three reasons: 1. I am clumsy and also not tough enough to wear heels regularly, 2. Heels tend to be much more expensive than most other styles of shoes, and 3. My toes are weird so any time I try to wear open toed heels, they squish out through the hole. Now, weird body confessions aside, I just couldn’t resist these, especially for only $6.50. Daisy Exchange also has a great selection of shoes, especially heels, for very reasonable prices. I’m talking ten bucks and under a lot of times. These also didn’t have very high heels, so I was able to manage them for the entire wedding and reception before I finally surrendered and walked out barefoot.
To go along with my leopard obsession, I also am heavily obsessed with peacock feathers. You might see a hint of this in my headband. I love this thing, and I swear by Forever 21 for cute accessories that aren’t too highly priced. The wedding also happened to have peacock feathers as one of its themes so I admit that possibly influenced my decision to wear it. I thought it tied the colors of the dress and the bronze accents of my shoes and necklace together nicely.
And finally, my necklace. I purchased this I don’t even know how long ago from Body Central in the local mall. It was on sale, and I can still remember that I couldn’t believe it was only a dollar. This has been my favorite necklace for years. It’s bronze, which is probably my favorite metal. It’s also a heart, my favorite shape (and perfect for a wedding), and it has wandering strands of vines carved all over it, one of my favorite patterns. It’s also a longer necklace, which looks great with such a variety of styles. Last year I was crushed when I realized it had started turning my neck very green when I wore it, and I sadly put it away. Luckily, I discovered the joys of Pinterest and recently realized all I needed to do to fix my problem was coat it in clear nail polish. I am happy to report I slathered the necklace in it in the car on the way to the wedding and my neck remains a happy, non-green, normal color.
Now, it’s possible (if you even remembered) you might be wondering where my outfit was from my Fourth of July celebration that I mentioned I would post. I am terribly sad to report there will be no post, because we were running so late there were no time for pictures. I know you’re devastated. As for my next post, I will attempt to get one out fairly soon, but I make no promises. Swadley’s, alas, calls my name. Until then-