All The Rowboats in the Paintings, They Keep Trying to Row Away


Hello again friends!
Unfortunately my suspicions were correct and Swadley’s has completely stifled all my fashion urges. Also, and I apologize for the sober topic, my Papa died at the beginning of the month. I haven’t really had the heart to do much of anything lately. But my papa would be the first one to get onto me for being down, and that’s helped me like nothing else to keep smiling.
And this past weekend, an opportunity for more smiles came. My parents’ 30th anniversary was actually today (July 31st), and for it we took a trip to Arkansas this past weekend. Along the way, we stopped at an art museum. In my opinion, art museums are one of those places that demand a cute outfit, along with things like afternoon teas, movie dates, and the opera. Sadly, those things are conspicuously absent from my life, so I jumped on the art museum, which also very rarely comes my way. Our museum of choice was the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, which was very gorgeous and filled with some equally gorgeous art. Hopefully you think my outfit worthy!

(Photo credit: ma mere)

Pearl collar patterned sleeveless top: local thrift store, $4
White cropped jeans: Daisy Exchange, $6.50
Silver loop sandals: Factory Connection, $5
Outfit total: $15.50

I think I’m getting better at this, I’m way under again! It’s a fairly simple outfit, but the shirt is so detailed it doesn’t need extra ornamentation. It’s actually my sister’s; let me just say I never get tired of having an extra closet to borrow from. If you have friends that are close to your size, I encourage you to see if they would be willing to share closets. When you look at your closet and feel like there is absolutely nothing cute within it, borrowing from a friend is like buying something for free and can help you think up new ways to use the clothes you have.
I finally got some white pants as well; I’ve been wanting them for ages. I just think they look so classy and add a pop to an outfit. It is unfortunate for me that these white pants are not destined to remain classily, poppily white considering that since purchasing them and wearing them twice I’ve already managed to get strawberry on them as well as a random smear of dust/dirt/unknown substance. I’m just that kind of person I’m afraid. But I’ll still rock those white pants, and bleach. A whole lot of it, probably.
Finally I come to my sandals. I love these sandals. I love the design and I love the color, they match with so much. And they were five dollars. I mean, come on, what more could you ask for?
Now, for upcoming posts, I am very excited to be going to another wedding this weekend I’ll have a post for, and after that I will be done with work in approximately two weeks in order to get ready for going back to school (SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE, WHAAAAT). Hopefully I’ll be able to really start to be serious with this blog, and the photography will improve with the addition of my favorite photographer, Lauren Carter, to the mix. As of right now, my shoddy, uneducated attempts to edit them are obviously not the best.
And I won’t go most of the month again before next posting, because my 21st birthday is August 22nd and you better believe I’m dressing up for that.
Now, to leave you with something that gives me hope for my future prospects of actually finding a compatible mate. Somewhere, a legitimate ARTIST has their priorities right in line with mine:
That’s like three of my favorite things in life right there: books, cats, and laying around in bed. Someone thought they were worth painting so there’s hope for me yet. So enjoy a little artsy insight into my character!


In memory of Murray Munyon, June 19, 1938- July 5, 2012.
I love you always, Papa.