Maybe Two is Better Than One


Well look at me. It has not been a month since my last post!!! Can I get some props here, please?! Especially since I’ve finally managed to drag myself away from the bottomless pit that is searching for Peeta/Josh Hutcherson pins on Pinterest. It’s possible I spent an hour(s) doing that before I remembered I had a TON OF AMAZING PICTURES for you all. I’ll save my Peeta obsession to tell you all about for another day.
But before we get to the outfits (yes, that’s right, I said outfits), I would like to introduce to you Miss Katie Schwarz! She kindly consented to take photos for my blog when I was having trouble finding a time when I could ask Lauren to, and let me just say she is equally talented and has managed to make me look very beautiful.
Now, as I mentioned before, you all will be getting TWO outfits this post. “But what madness is this?!” you cry (or I am imagining you saying, oblige me by uttering that out loud right now if you will. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Like Dora when she asks you questions when you accidentally land on Dora the Explorer while flipping through channels. It’s easier and less awkward to just do it. I’m assuming you’ve done it by now and will continue.) The reasoning is simple- one of the outfits I really love but I didn’t know the price on like half of it. So, in order to assuage my guilt, I asked Katie to indulge me by also taking photos of me in an outfit I’d worn the previous week that she wasn’t able to take pictures of previously.
Without further ado, the first of hopefully many future school outfits on this blog:
Photo credit: Katie Schwarz

Cream sheer blouse: borrowed from my roommate (approximately $17?)
Royal blue skirt: Ebay, $7.25
Black tights and white tank top with gold stripes: I have no idea
Leopard open toe flats with black bows: Steve Madden via Ross, Christmas gift from my sister and approximately $12-14
Gold filigree and white rose clip earrings: Forever 21, $3.80
Outfit total: ??? but more than $25 😦

So maybe you can see why I felt guilty throwing this outfit up as a legitimate bargain outfit post. Yet there were a couple of reasons I still wanted to show it to you all. First: my skirt. I loooove this skirt, and it was only $7.25! I got it on Ebay from a vaguely sketchy seller in China, but it showed up in a reasonable amount of time and is pretty good quality. Plus I adore the color. The seller has a wide selection of colors, actually, and I’m considering buying another. Second: the top. Now, I know it’s pretty expensive and not even mine, but it lets me emphasize again how amazing it is if you can borrow clothes from friends. I knew I wanted to wear a white blouse with this skirt as soon as I got it, and my roommate Katelyn just happened to have a perfect one that didn’t cost me a thing! Third: my earrings. As you may have caught, these are clips because I, unlike the vast majority of girls I know, do not have my ears pierced. There’s a ton of reasons why, but mostly it’s just that I know I would spend all my money on earrings if they were pierced. Clips are much harder to find and thus effectively save me from a potential money drain. I knew as soon as I saw these I had to have them because I love gold and cream, and they seemed very Victorian/vintagey to me which I love (also note my impressively done hair aka it’s not just down and wavy). Now, onto the actual bargain outfit:
Photo credit: Katie Schwarz

Red and black tribal print blouse: Mossimo via Daisy Exchange, $4.50
Black skinny jeans: Forever 21, $10.80
Skinny grey belt: came with another pair of pants 🙂
Grey Oxfords: Ebay, $8.23
Sparkly jewel clip earrings: Forever 21, $3.80
Outfit total: $27.30

I know this outfit is a couple dollars over, but I hoped you wouldn’t mind because I just love it! Two of these are recent purchases that I am absolutely in love with, the shirt and shoes. I couldn’t believe it when I found this blouse for less than five dollars, I was ecstatic! I am pretty picky about my prints but I think this one is absolutely gorgeous, and I just love red and black together. You might recognize my skinny jeans from my very first post, and I still love them as much as ever (I actually recently bought grey ones exactly like this, I repeat that these are a fabulous pair of jeans for only $11 and you might consider them if you like skinny jeans). This is one of my favorite belts, though I know it’s hard to see on the outfit. What do you think, am I cheating by not giving it a price since it came with another pair of pants?
Again, I found some rocking clips at Forever 21 (who has started carrying them and from whom I am gaining an impending sense of doom as I foresee what might happen to my wallet if they start having a lot of them regularly) that I thought added just the right touch to the overall look.
And, honestly, my absolute favorite part of the whole outfit- MY OXFORDS!!! I am deeply obsessed with Oxfords, I freely admit it, and I have scoured the web and Ebay for months trying to find a good deal on some cute ones. I don’t know how I got so lucky as to get these for less than $8.50 (with shipping!) but I suppose the fashion gods were simply smiling on me that day. My sister actually despises these shoes and I know plenty of people who just don’t get the Oxford craze, so I’m wondering what you think? I’d love to hear from you in the comments about that or anything in my blog, especially if you know anywhere I could get more cheap Oxfords 🙂 For now, since I feel like this is the longest post ever, I will bid you adieu until next time and hopefully I’ll have some more cute outfits for you!


P.S. Until I get tired of it, I’m going to start ending my posts with my favorite Peeta/Josh Hutcherson pins, just to add a little spice to things. Also, I think that P.S. clearly stands for Peeta and Sara.

One day….


As You Are Now, Towering in the Confidence of Twenty-One


Weeeell. Hey everybody.
I’ve decided I’m not going to make definitive statements on here anymore like, “I won’t go most of the month again before posting.” Instead I should say things like, “I will probably go the entire month and then some before posting again, and I will not have most of the outfits I said I would.” But I do at least have one outfit for you, and many pictures of it because it is my birthday outfit, yaaaay! That’s right, as I am writing at this very moment I am TWENTY-ONE. That makes me kind of a big deal or something, right?
Anyways, my birthday was absolutely amazing and perfectly representational of my personality. First, we went to the OKC Zoo (which is absolutely amazing and a long-time favorite of my family and I) where I proceeded to spend part of my twenty-first birthday by playing in the children’s area of the zoo:
I’m not doing my post over that outfit though, because I didn’t take any other pictures of it. After the zoo I headed on over to Daisy Exchange, one of my favorite local resale shops, in order to get myself something nice and new to wear for my big day. The last stop before dinner was an indoor soccer game with my best friend Kasey playing with our hilarious friend from high school, Sarah. Slight shenanigans ensued because we didn’t have time to go home and get ready. Instead, we took a shower in the sketchy stall in the bathroom of an indoor soccer arena. There was no hot water and the water pressure was like .000938 (probably). We then proceeded to try and get ready in said bathroom with confused soccer players coming and going. The result was Kasey burning me in the arm with the curling iron (I still say she did it on purpose) and us being slightly late to dinner atttt… RED LOBSTER!!!
That’s right, for my 21st birthday I went to Red Lobster. They have my favorite drink though, a Sunset Passion Colada. If you haven’t tried one, I highly recommend it. Totally worth spending your 21st on. And now, my outfit:
Strapless flower dress: Daisy Exchange, $5
Caramel braided belt: local thrift store, $1.80
Platform sandals: Target, $8
Bronze heart necklace: Body Central, $1
Coral flower barrette: Forever 21, pack of 4 for $3.80
Outfit total: $19.60

I was so excited because Daisy Exchange was having a huge dress clearance when I went in on my birthday, and I got a number of other cute dresses to go along with this one. You all have seen this necklace and belt before, and you will again as they are perennial favorites and a staple of my wardrobe.
Also likely to be seen again, these shoes. They are honestly the only heels I can wear without difficulty. In my opinion, platform sandals=love, and if you have trouble with heels like me, I recommend that you get you some platform sandals. They can dress up or dress down and go well with a variety of things. I got these at Target eons ago and have worn them with countless outfits. So I give you thus, my (hopefully) cute birthday outfit for under $20.
School has started, and I unashamedly did not take any pictures for the first or second week of classes. My time has been evenly divided between getting used to my school schedule of class, work, and napping and ensuring the healthy balance of the three. I won’t promise I’ll churn out a post next week, because I feel like that just jinxes me, but I am definitely going to try. For now, I’ll leave you with me enjoying my alcoholic-consuming legality for the first time with the holy grail of adult beverages.