She’s A Wild One


Hello there friends!
I’ve been having lots of fun enjoying the end of my semester winding down. We get out at the beginning of December; I can hardly believe that the first semester of my senior year of college is almost over. In case you were wondering, I had a fantastic time on Halloween, and I will include my second costume at the end of this post.
Now, with the end of the semester closing in we have certain events that happen every year at the same time. Last week was the fall induction and luncheon of the Hypatia honor society on my campus. I was inducted last year, but on campus members are encouraged to attend and I am never above a free lunch. Also, a number of my friends, including one of my dearest, Stephanie Hart, were getting inducted and I wanted to see it. Hypatia’s induction is a more formal event, and you’re encouraged to dress nicely. My outfit today was honestly completely thrown together at the last minute. I’d forgotten the luncheon was happening that day until Stephanie texted me and asked me about it like an hour or so beforehand haha. But I must admit, I was pretty pleased with the result:
(Photo credit: Katelyn Howard)

Black button up blouse: Old Navy, $7.50
Tan pencil skirt: Old Navy, $7.48
Leopard cardigan: Wet Seal, $12 but I borrowed it from Katelyn so free!
Brown braided belt: $0.99
Black criss-cross heels: Ross, $12
Gold heart locket: Gift from my mom
Outfit total: $27. 97

Now, you may feel that I’m cheating a little here because I didn’t count the cost of Katelyn’s cardigan, but as promised, since I wore expensive shoes I took a picture with alternate, cheaper shoes! (Excuse the quality, it was taken on my phone and poorly edited by myself haha)
(Photo credit: Tiffany Cordova)
All items same as above, with cardigan and not heels included: $27.97
Black studded sandals: Daisy Exchange, $4.50
Outfit total: $32.47

I know that this outfit is a little over, but considering it’s a more formal outfit I thought I could get away with it. And if you don’t count the cost of the cardigan, it’s only $20.47! So really, I’m going to count it as being under and a great bargain!
You might remember that I mentioned before how much I love leopard, and let me just reiterate it: I am obsessed with leopard and with this cardigan. I also have the most amazing leopard ring on that my amazing friend Morgan gave me but you can’t see it in these pictures. But not to worry, I took a picture of it! Note that it has adorable hearts on the sides in the metal!

I bought this black blouse from Old Navy a long time ago, along with another one exactly like it except in pink. They’re very silky-feeling and look nice, but the material doesn’t wrinkle nearly as bad as silk. I also must confess that I absolutely adore pencil skirts; I wish they looked better on me. If I hadn’t had a cardigan to wear with this one I probably wouldn’t have worn it because I don’t think they look that great on me. The belt was a helpful touch that brought everything together. And, of course, I included my favorite necklace.

The black heels are ones I bought last Valentine’s Day for my hot date with my roomie Kate haha. I love how they criss-cross and they have a very vintage, 20s feel to me. They were definitely an impulse purchase, along with a new dress, but I don’t regret them even though they were pretty expensive. I will admit, however, that I cannot walk in them for a period longer than 30ish minutes so it was a good thing I sat during the initiation (I was out of breath after walking from my apartment to the ballroom, which is a walk of approximately 3-5 minutes).
The black sandals I wore alternatively are probably my favorite pair of sandals. I got them this summer from Daisy Exchange for $4.50, I couldn’t believe it. They are even padded, so they are super comfortable. I also like their design; they are simple but with interesting details.  Please excuse my hair, which I think looks horrible, but I didn’t have time to fix it between my class and the initiation.
Now, I promised I’d show you my second Halloween costume in case you missed my first, which was Frida Kahlo (available for viewing in my last post). I mentioned earlier that last Valentine’s Day my date was my roommate, and next Valentine’s Day I will probably also be equally single because, alas, I am a crazy cat lady. Here is the proof:
And in case you noticed it, my tights do have holes ripped into them to simulate cats clawing them. Because I am that dedicated to being the best cat lady I can be. And in that spirit, enjoy my Peeta pin. I’m not going to lie, I actually made this one.
Ahhh… a girl can dream.


P.S. Just because I love you all, here’s my outfit from my actual Hypatia initiation last year. My hair is outrageously short because I’d gotten the worst haircut of my life only a few weeks beforehand. My dress is $20 from Gap, actually, and my shoes were $4 from a thrift store, and the tights were my sister’s (who is with me in this picture). The earrings were a present, as well. So, technically, this outfit qualifies for the blog 🙂