The Giving of the Thanks


Whoa. It’s been well over a month since my last post.
So. I am wayyyy behind, since I am about to post my Thanksgiving outfit, and Christmas is less than a week a way (IT’S LESS THAN A WEEK WHAT ON EARTH). But don’t be alarmed, since you SO obviously were, there is a flurry of posts coming your way (probably). I have my outfit for Christmas planned and it will be on here, and I also have the pictures already from an outfit I wore before school got out. I apologize that it’s been so long, but with finals, during which I got violently sick and had to reschedule a test, then my Nana being sick and briefly in the hospital (she’s better now!), and a flurry of Christmas preparation, all belated, I have been really busy and very uninspired to bestir myself to post. Also, the pictures I have are not the best and again bear the marks of my poor attempts at editing, so I’m sorry for that as well! I’m also very disappointed, because I had the BEST dress picked out to wear to my school’s fall semester graduation that would have been perfect for the blog, but I was sadly struck ill, as I mentioned.
Now, all excuses and explanations aside, here is the outfit I wore for Thanksgiving:

thanksgiving edit 1Pink satin and black lace top: Daisy Exchange, $8
Black skinny jeans: Forever 21, $10.50
Black flower headband: Cato, Christmas gift but I know it was only like $3
Black boots: Ross, $25
Outfit total without boots: $21.50
Outfit total with boots: $46.50

We ate Thanksgiving dinner at my dad’s niece’s house, an absolutely gorgeous two-story house that’s a hundred years old. There were tons of people there besides just my family, and I actually didn’t know most of them! I really wanted to look very nice without being too overdressed, and I think this outfit strikes a great balance of dressy but not formal.
Now, I do apologize because I actually wore alternate shoes earlier in the day that would have kept this under $25, but we somehow didn’t manage to get a picture. I hope that you all won’t count it as cheating if I total outfits without these boots, as I explained in my post after I bought them. I just think that they represent a good bargain in and of themselves at only $25. And even with my non-stop wearage of them, they still are holding up perfectly.
As for my shirt, I am in love with it. I think it looks expensive and trendy, and I’ve seen similar shirts to it on tons of models, etc. I don’t necessarily think this color is the most flattering to my coloring, but I loved the shirt so much I just honey badgered it and didn’t care at all.
Then, of course, we have my staple black skinny jeans and my darling boots. I wish you could see my headband a little closer because I really adore it. We somehow didn’t get a picture of it either, but that’s probably because holidays are always chaos for the Rowe family. Here’s a slightly better view:
Thanksgiving edit 2It’s a black flower and has pearls and jewels in its center. I like big flowery headbands or clips and this one is very noticeable without being too flashy. Note my lovely sister, whose outfit was actually also very cute and cheaper than mine! I’m hoping to get her on here sometime to do a guest post, or at least a guest outfit. And finally, to round out my Thanksgiving post, the thing I am most thankful for- my family.
thanksgiving edit 3And in the spirit of gratitude and thankfulness, I am so thankful that I have never had to face the kind of tragedy that the victims’ families in Connecticut have to face. I am thankful my loved ones are safe with me. Some things, there’s simply no words for, and yet I feel I would be insensitive and remiss not to at least mention what happened. I only must say that the world is crying for them all, myself included, and my heart is broken. In light of that, I am posting what I feel is a much more appropriate pin than a Peeta one:
ctNever forget.

Now, especially, I wish you all pax,


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