Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time


Guys. I don’t even know why I say I’m going to post by a certain time, because I never do it. Seriously. I was going to say I have a special extra post for you all tomorrow, but let’s be real here, it’s probably not going to happen tomorrow. But it will eventually, at least. As for this post, it is my Christmas outfit, yaaay! Now, let me just inform you if you didn’t know, Oklahoma got a white Christmas, and it was lovely. However, it required that I dress warmly, which doesn’t always make for super cute clothing. I also was trying to be comfortable, so admittedly this outfit reflects that. But I still think it’s a cute way to stay warm and comfortable for a lovely Christmas time. Here it is:
Green long sweater: thrift store near my college, $2
Black leggings: Target clearance, $4
Tan boot socks: Christmas present, (but I know they were from Kohl’s and were about $6)
Black tall boots: local thrift store, $4.53
Gold heart locket: gift from my mom
Red jewel hair clip: Target, $4
Outfit total: $20.53

Guys… I hope you all are impressed. How can you beat a cute sweater for TWO DOLLARS?? I know you can’t really tell, but it’s cable knit so I stayed warm, but it was also light and short-sleeved so I didn’t get super hot whenever I came in from the cold. I love leggings with slouchy tops and boots, it’s pretty much my favorite outfit right now. I’ve been planning on wearing this top for Christmas for like a month. My good friend Morgan told me about a resale shop in my college town that I somehow had never heard of, and when I went to check it out I got the following: the green sweater, a long black skirt, three belts, a pair of boots, and a locket. Now, get this… the price? ELEVEN DOLLARS. I was blown away, best deal I’ve ever gotten I’m pretty sure.
Now, did you see those boots there? And did you see the price?? Tall black boots- for LESS THAN FIVE DOLLARS. I know I have talked up my $25 boots and admitted that sometimes you have to just spend a little more for something. But what I also should remember, and what this blog is all about, is that when you are even partially dedicated to being a bargain shopper, you can get the most fantastic deals. Here’s a little better look at the boots:
LESS THAN FIVE DOLLARSThese boots are NICE. They have only the little bit of scuffing on the toe, barely noticeable when not viewing a zoomed in picture of them. I almost had a cow I was so excited when I saw these. Now I have an alternative pair of shoes to show you all anytime I wear my other boots to make sure the outfit stays affordable. You can also see my lovely cream boots socks more clearly here, an awesome gift this Christmas from my mother. This outfit about defines comfort for me, I’ve spent most of my break wearing leggings, boots, and long tops, and now lately I’ve been able to add some of the super cute boots socks I got to it. I like to think of it as lazy chic.
You can’t see it at all in the first picture, so here’s what my hair looked like:
IMG_7519My gold locket is present, of course, and then I added the hair jewel for a touch of red to make Christmas colors. Excuse my crazy hair haha as you may have noticed, I’m not exactly super chic in that area. Partially, as you all might not be surprised to hear, it’s because I am too poor to buy hair products. The other two reasons are, 1.) I am lazy, and 2.) I have no idea how to do hair. The same goes for makeup. I really just focus on the clothes and do not meddle with matters beyond me ha.
Now here’s a festive photo of my sister and I in front of our tree, and one of us with our stockings:
IMG_7497IMG_7498Haha my sister looks like she is on drugs in the second one. She and my father have a notoriously chronic issue of keeping their eyes open for pictures. But seriously, check out all that loot. I cleaned up this Christmas! My favorite gifts I got were boots socks, a brand new pair of boots (which you’ll be seeing soon), a bag of my favorite candy, Toblerone, some house slippers, and an adorable new case for my phone. What were some of your favorite gifts? Were any fashion related? Please leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!


P.S. Here is what I REALLY was hoping for this Christmas:
christmas peetaAll I want for Christmas is you… clearly words written with Peeta in mind.
And if you are a Peeta lover like me, I have a belated Christmas gift for you. This image comes from an absolutely hilarious site called Peeta’s Cardboard Chronicles, I recommend it highly, I’ve just been scrolling through and cracking up. 


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