Man, I Ain’t Changed, But I Know I Ain’t the Same


Hello Readers!
I called it, didn’t I? I told you this post wouldn’t come for awhile. It was, admittedly, a lot longer while than I anticipated, but there is a reason for that- I’ve decided to do something a little different. I figured it’s a new year, and I’m ready to do something new. So… I’m going to start a new blog. Now, don’t worry (as I wistfully picture you shouting in distress because you love this blog so much), I am going to continue this blog as well. But I’m going to basically cut out all excess things not relating to an outfit. I already feel like I talk about too much extra, unrelated stuff on here. I want to be able to do that, but this doesn’t feel like the place.
So, instead, I’m starting a blog where I’ll be able to post anything. There’ll still be fashion, but there will also be cats and soccer and pictures of my life and my random musings and Peeta pins galore. It’s just somewhere that I can express myself (I am, after all, an English major!). I’m at the beginning of my last semester of college, and I just want to be able to record this hugely transitional period in my life as I move from being a student, something I’ve been continually since the age of three, to whoever I become and the things that end up defining this new me. It’s both scary and exhilarating, and when I’m most emotional, I deal with it by writing.
I hope you’ll follow me to this new blog, and I also hope you’ll still enjoy this one. I’m going to continue posting outfits on here, it’s just that I don’t get to post nearly as often as I like. It’s much harder than I imagined to get quality pictures for the outfit posts and so the number of posts is obviously much smaller than I’d wish.
So if you’re interested in hearing a lot more from me than just how much I like cheap clothes, here’s the link to my new blog.
Now, that aside, I still have an outfit for you! So here it is, and I’m warning you, it’s another lazy boots and leggings combo…
Cream fisherman’s sweater: local thrift store, $5
Black leggings: Target, $3
Leopard scarf: gift from my friend Brenna, $?
Cream boot socks: Christmas gift from Kohl’s, $6
Cognac tall boots: Christmas gift from Kohl’s, not sure of the price
Outfit total: ?*

*Aaaand, it’s a selfie at Target in the dressing room, I’m SO cool haha. Now, as promised, here are the boots I got for Christmas that I am absolutely obsessed with (wearing them now as I type this). They’re a brand called Dana Buchman and we got them at Kohl’s day after Christmas sale, hugely discounted. They were originally $109, but I think my parents got them for around 40ish bucks. As that is clearly over my outfit budget, be impressed- I have provided alternate boots for this outfit! Here they are:
Tall caramel wedge boots: local thrift store, $4
Outfit total: $18

This is one of my favorite outfits to wear. Any really cold day, as long as I haven’t worn it too recently, this is the look I go with. The sweater is big and warm and comfy, and I love it. I found it in the men’s section at the thrift store by my house. I apologize that I didn’t manage to get a picture of the outfit with the actual alternate boots on, but they actually look pretty close to the more expensive ones. The scarf I’m wearing is one of my most favorite and most utilized accessories. Brenna (my very first best friend that I met in kindergarten) got it for me from Spain as a souvenir when she went to Europe. It is seriously like the best accessory piece I’ve ever had. I wear it constantly when it gets cool, with most everything. I generally wear it three or four times a week, actually (it just looks so good!). I am, as I’ve mentioned, completely obsessed with leopard and this is one of the most gorgeous leopard prints I’ve ever seen.
Now, something else I’d like to start doing on this blog is posting pictures of bargains I buy. I tend to buy things in big bunches, because I get a lot of stuff for really cheap. I plan to start showing you guys my finds so maybe I can post a little more, even if it’s not necessarily an outfit. As I pointed out, my picture from today’s post was taken at Target, and I got some really cute stuff there. Here it is!
2013-01-14_13-15-48_979Black blazer: $7.48
Turquoise drape top: $5.98
Navy and gold patterned pencil skirt: $8.48

I am SO excited I finally found a black blazer. It’s a big size, so it’s loose and drapey, perfect to wear with belts or over stuff. The turquoise top, I just loved the color and the fit was flattering. I actually also got it in a coral color as well. I was crazy about the pattern of the skirt, and it fit perfectly. The sides are scrunched and look bigger so it gives the appearance that I actually have hips haha.
But I’m going to finally wrap up this post since it’s the longest I’ve done in ages. I hope you are excited about the new format and about my other blog, I’d love if you’d check it out and share it. But regardless of what you do, thank you so much for reading this right now 🙂



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