In the Navy


Hi again, everyone!
I’m not going to lie, I’m really impressed with myself for posting so close together. I’m also really impressed that I had 10 people like my last post! Eeee! To some of you, that may not seem like a lot, but that’s the most I’ve ever gotten on a post on this blog. So thank you so much for that! The whole purpose of this blog is to try and inspire or help other people, so it’s always nice to get a little feedback. Speaking of, I had a couple readers comment on some of my posts as well, and it just made my day. I love to hear from you guys, and it’s wonderful knowing people really are reading and liking my blog.
So on to my next outfit! I just wore this to school the other day, when it was a little bit nicer outside. I also had a Spanish presentation, so I wanted to wear something a little bit dressier.
DSCN1319DSCN1328DSCN1321Navy bow sheer blouse: Old Navy, $12
White tank top: Old Navy, $3
Black skinny jeans: Forever 21, $10.50
Zebra flats: Target, Christmas gift
Outfit total: $25.50

I really liked this outfit, it felt a little more elegant than what I usually wear, mostly because of the top. It looks super chic; it’s flowy and navy is a color that just makes things look more put-together. I especially am in love with the collar on this shirt, I think the little tied bow and the loose sleeves gives the blouse an almost nautical air. I went with a white undershirt because I wanted the navy to stand out against the black of my pants, and it also tied in the lighter color of my shoes. I used to think black and navy were an absolute disaster together, but as I’ve gotten older it’s become one of my favorite color combinations to wear. It’s easy for them to get lost against each other, but if done right I think they are wonderful complement colors.
I also love the cuffed jeans look, it makes jeans seem less causal and more polished because the tight fit can give the illusion of tailoring. And a great print flat with a more simplistic outfit just gives a lovely bit of pop. The zebra stripes on my flats really brought the look together for me because they gave something interesting to go with very simple color pairings.
I hope you all will also be impressed because I tried to tame my hair into a little bit more recognizable style, and I liked how it turned out.
All in all, I thought it came out pretty well and I was feeling very confident during the day in it, especially during my presentation. Stay tuned, because I am wearing an outfit as I type that I hope to get on here within the next week! It is very different from this one, I can assure you, and I hope you’re looking forward to it! Keep those comments coming and please, please share with your friends. And I’d still love to see some of your bargain outfits as well if you’re willing to share!



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