Greetings, Dear Readers!
I am so excited about today’s post because today, May 29, 2013, marks the one year anniversary of me beginning this blog. YIPPIEEEEEEEEE!!!!
But seriously, I cannot believe it. It seems crazy to me that an entire year has passed since I posted that first hopeful, excited post sharing my idea for my blog. I was terrified but so eager to get started. Over the year, I have only become more passionate about what I’m doing as I’ve had people discover my blog and give me such wonderful encouragement. So in honor of my one year anniversary, I am going to share a few stats with you all really quick.
Number of followers: 39 (AHHHHH!!!!)
Most views in one day: 160 (on October 30, 2012)
Total number of views: 3,203 (What…INSANE)
Most popular post: These Boots Were Made For Walkin’ (198 views)
Number of different countries viewers came from: 47 (including Macao, which I had never heard of before someone from there looked at my blog!)
Over all, I have to say that looking at all that is simply amazing. I am overwhelmed to think that at my blog has been looked at least 3,000 TIMES (I’m guessing that I probably account for at about 200ish views on my own blog haha). So I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart, you don’t know how much it means to me that you all take the time to care about what I’m doing here. 
So to really say thank you, today I am bringing you guys two outfits in one post! For Memorial Day Weekend, my family and I went out of town and stayed at a gorgeous, fancy hotel. 
My first outfit is my look for the daytime:
IMG_8840IMG_8842IMG_8845Black scoop-neck tee: Old Navy, $5
Olive shorts: Daisy Exchange, $4.50
Leopard flats: Deb (in the local mall), $5
Gold key necklace: Forever 21, $2.50
Outfit total: $17

This was a comfortable outfit to wear for lunch and riding in the car, as well as for our visit to Miranda Lambert’s store in Tishomingo, The Pink Pistol (love you, Miranda!!). 
The black shirt is casual and pairs well with a million different things. The shorts are a neutral color that I wear constantly in the summer because they also go so well with everything, and they are stretchy, comfortable, and cool (a big priority in the ridiculously hot summers of Oklahoma). 
I have had these flats for probably six or seven years but I unfortunately lost them for a large portion of it. I was excited when I found them in the past year and I have worn them quite a bit. Considering I obsessively love leopard, I find that I am really fond of them. And finally, my key necklace is making its third appearance in a row on my blog haha but I promise my evening outfit does not include it! Speaking of my evening outfit, here it is:IMG_8870Gray scoop-neck shirt: Target, $5.25
Black lace high-waisted skirt: Target, $5.98
Silver loop sandals: Factory Connection, $5
Black lace headband: K-Mart, $1.99
Silver heart necklace: Forever 21, $3.58
Outfit total: $21.80

Like my daytime outfit, this is a simple and comfortable look for the evening. My favorite part of it is the black lace skirt I got from Target. It made me feel skinny and feminine, which always is a boost to my confidence haha. I bought this gray shirt at the same time, actually, because I loved how well they paired together. Like the other items of my post, all the pieces of this outfit are ones that can pair with a large variety of other pieces. I’ve worn both the silver necklace and the silver sandals before in posts on here and they are staples of my wardrobe. And of course, I’m rocking my required wristband that you had to wear for the pool area, I thought the pop of yellow was SUCH a nice touch.
I thought it was a cute, but still dressy outfit to wear out for the evening at our fancy hotel. Seriously, though, it was really fancy:



My sister and I in the fancy pool.

My sister and I in the fancy pool.

So there it is, friends. My one year anniversary post. I am so proud and also humbled that I have had enough support to make keeping this blog going that long worthwhile, and that people have become interested as this year has passed. I can only say thank you and repeat how much your support means to me. Hopefully in the next year my blog can grow even more and reach an even larger audience. I really do love creating outfits that make me feel beautiful but don’t break my budget. I truly do consider myself to be passionate about fashion, and I believe that it should be something that is accessible to people of all economic statuses. Fashion is something that has allowed me to develop my personality and express myself, as well as giving me confidence, and I want to inspire other people to believe they can have that experience, too. I want people to love their bodies and celebrate their style, whatever it may be, and I hope that by putting myself out there I can give others the confidence to do so. Hopefully if you’ve found my blog, I have been able to do that for you, and that I’ll be able to keep doing it.
Thank you again, Readers of mine. You all make this worthwhile 🙂





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