Boot Scootin’ Boogie


Hiiii, Readers.
So today I had a baby shower and a wedding reception to go to (I had to miss the actual wedding because it was at the same time as the baby shower). Ah, the life of a 20 something. Since one was right after the other, I wanted to find a dress that would work for both. Luckily, the wedding reception called for casual or “Western” attire.
Yes, Dear Reader. It’s finally happening. I’m finally doing a blog post with cowboy boots. I assure you, it was inevitable. I do live in Oklahoma.
So I decided on a dress I have had for ages that I have never found the right opportunity to wear, as well as a lace vest that I have had for ages and never found the right opportunity to wear. Together, however, I think these two hard to wear pieces actually turned out to look pretty cute. For the baby shower, I decided against wearing cowboy boots and instead went with sandals.
IMG_9156Black strapless lace dress: Daisy Exchange, $3
Cream crochet vest: Ebay, $8
White sandals: Ebay, $12
Gold key necklace: Forever 21, $2.50
Gold leopard ring: gift
Outfit total: $25.50

I liked the casual but still cute style of this outfit, and I thought the vest added a hint of dressiness. It was comfortable and easy to wear for the baby shower, which was for my friend Jennifer. I went to school with her from kindergarten through high school, and played club and high school soccer with her for years. I just can’t believe she’s having a baby, but I am so ridiculously excited for her!

IMG_9152Dress, vest, necklace, ring: same as above
Black cowboy boots: local thrift store, $4.99
Outfit total: $18.49

I love how much adding the cowboy boots changed this outfit. It’s still cute and casual, but now it has a definite Western flair. I think the lace vest really helped make the transition from summery to Western. It’s a great piece, I’ve just had a hard time finding something to wear it with! The same for the dress- I got it on super clearance at Daisy Exchange because the stitching is a little bit off in some places, so I could never just wear it normally by itself. But when you add the vest, it’s not noticeable and makes two tough to wear pieces work together.

Oooh, fancy back.

Oooh, fancy back.

The boots are old and pretty beat up, but I still like them. I got them obviously for a huge discount, and even though they’re a little big for me, I still think they look authentic! They also were great to dance in at the wedding reception for mine and my sister’s friend, Kyle, and his wonderfully sweet bride, Shauna. It was very laid-back and just a lot of fun. Hopefully you think my outfit is, too!



PS Today’s title refers to the Brooks and Dunn classic, which I had to go with for my first cowboy boot post!


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