Rompin’ Stompin’ Blues


Hey everyone!
Today’s outfit is super simple and casual, perfect for a summer day of just eating lunch and running errands around town. Check it out:
picisto-20130630000310-970969Navy romper: Daisy Exchange, $5
Bronze gladiator sandals: Walmart, $7
Bronze flower clip earrings: thrift store, $0.99
Braided leather headband: gift
Leopard bracelet: gift
Outfit total: $13

So I was on the fence for a long time about this whole romper phenomenon. At first, I was completely disgusted by rompers (much like with leggings). Then I reluctantly was won over by the comfort and convenience  (much like with leggings). But I could never seem to find any that looked decent on me. Then one day when I was shopping at Daisy Exchange, I found this simple romper on clearance. It’s made of cotton, which I preferred to some of the more unflattering, thinner material of rompers that I had tried on before, and I decided to give it a shot. I ended up absolutely loving.
It’s such a convenient thing to throw on during the summer, and it’s cool and easy to accessorize. I went with my usual bronze accents for a casual look. Hopefully you like my laid-back summer style!



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