Listen to Your Heart


Hello again, Readers!
Can you believe the unprecedented amount of productivity on this blog? Three posts in two weeks, that has to be a record or something (Shouldn’t I know this kind of stuff? I don’t know this kind of stuff though.) Here’s an outfit I wore out to dinner a couple nights ago. I would have posted it sooner (CRAZY TALK) but I was unfortunately stricken possibly the most ill I’ve ever been in my life, and I’m just now recovering.
Continuing with this newfangled thing I implemented last week, I’ve made an alternative, designer outfit on Polyvore to compare with my copycat bargain outfit.

Eden & Esme Polka Dot Sweater: $79
DJP Halle Paint Splatter Jean: $110
Vintage Shoe Co. Aubrey Oxford: $90
(J by Jasper Watch is $85, but I’m not including it because I don’t know the price of my Fossil watch)
Outfit total: $279



“Follow Your Heart” Sweater: Old Navy, $8
Pink patterned skinny jeans: Gap, $4.97
Tan Oxfords: Daisy Exchange, $6.50
Fossil watch: graduation gift
Outfit total: $19.47

$279 for THREE PIECES. I swear guys, I’m not trying to find the most expensive stuff here, just the closest things to what I have. I even didn’t include the price of the watch because my watch was a gift. It blows my mind how much more people charge for designer pieces.
I have to give total credit to my sister for this copycat outfit, we both own a pair of these pants and when I bought this sweater last week she pointed out how great it would look with them. It may or may not have been suggested that this outfit is a little “hipster,” especially with the Oxfords and the glasses, but I still love it. It’s quirky but simple, with the bright, loud pattern of the pants balanced with the plain sweater (with an adorable message, if I might add).
I got these pants at Gap for FIVE BUCKS, as you might have noticed. Truthfully I wouldn’t have probably bought them if they hadn’t been so cheap, because they can be difficult to wear. They certainly draw your attention and have a lot going on, so you have to be careful what you wear them with.
I love clothes that have cute or whimsical sayings on them, and when I saw this sweater I just knew I had to have it. It also happens to be in my favorite color, burgundy, so I was completely sold. I finished with my beloved Oxfords (I’m Oxford obsessed, in case you didn’t know) to give it a fun but classic touch. I don’t wear my glasses that much, but they went perfectly with this outfit so I couldn’t say no.
So there you have it, my hipster (possibly hipster preppy? Not sure here) outfit. Hopefully you don’t think it’s TOO crazy, and it will encourage you to try something a little bit out there. It’s important to always have fun with your clothes, and I loved trying this bright and unusual look.
Just a quick note, I’d love to beg you guys to do me a favor and help me get my blog out there, so if you have Pinterest pleeeease repin my outfits onto your boards (there’s a button at the bottom of this post that lets you do that) or if you’d rather, follow my board on Pinterest where I post all my blog outfits ( and you can just repin them straight from there. It would really mean the world to me!


PS Here’s another behind the scenes picture from the glamorous life of me, where I get photobombed by my new cat:

And now a cute pic:

For more on my new cat, stay tuned to my other blog, Boots and Cats, because a new post introducing him is coming soon!


That Kind of Luxe Just Ain’t For Us


Hello Dear Readers!
As promised, I’m posting very quickly after my last post, I hope you’re excited! I meant to wait a little bit longer to space my posts out a little more, but also as promised, I’m going to be trying something a little different, and I just didn’t want to wait!!
If you’re interested in fashion and have access to the internet, you probably have heard of a website called Polyvore, where you can create virtual outfits online and share them. I’ve tried to stay away from Polyvore, because it becomes something of a black hole for me and I will spend hours making fake outfits I can never afford haha. But recently it has occurred to me that I can use Polyvore for my blog, and therefore have an excuse to get on it 🙂
It started the other day when I chose an outfit based on a Polyvore set I saw on Pinterest, and it got me thinking that I could create outfits on Polyvore similar to an outfit I’m posting on my blog for comparison prices! I can also start doing certain posts where I pick a much more expensive outfit I see on Pinterest or Polyvore and create a similar bargain look from my own wardrobe.
Now, I know this isn’t exactly a revolutionary, original idea because there are plenty of websites and blogs  and magazines that create imitation looks for cheaper. But any time I see those, I run into the original problem that lead me to create this blog– even the “cheaper” copycat outfits are way out of my budget!
I’m really excited about this new idea because it will let me really showcase my whole purpose of this blog– helping people figure out how to look their best without spending all their money. I want to show you that the absolutely gorgeous skirt/sweater combo from Anthropologie you saw the other day on Pinterest isn’t truly impossible for you to ever have. Maybe those exact, expensive pieces are, but you really can recreate high fashion for budget prices!
So on today’s post, I’ll be showcasing a look I created on Polyvore, telling you how much each piece cost and where it came from. Then I’ll show you my copycat piece, along with how much each item cost and where I got it, as usual.
Now, without further ado, here it goes!

Designer Outfit
lacy day

H&M Black Top with Lace: $21
American Eagle Teal Corduroy Jeggings: $40
Jessica Simpson Maine Zebra Flats: $80
River Island Silver Headband: $7
Pearl Studs from Lorde & Taylor: $12
Outfit total: $160

My Bargain Copycat Outfit


Black flowy top with lace sleeves: Daisy Exchange (originally Love Stitch), $8
Teal corduroy pants: Daisy Exchange (originally Forever 21), $6.50
Zebra flats: Target, Christmas present (around $11)
Silver braided headband: Forever 21, $1.50
Pearl clip earrings: Claire’s, birthday gift (around $11)
Outfit total: $16 ($38)

Even adding in the cost of things I was given as gifts, my outfit is FOUR TIMES cheaper than the designer one, but still fairly close to it (I think). I actually like my top and my flats better than the designer ones too! This is always one of my top style rules when shopping: just because something is more expensive does NOT mean it’s better.
My top is much flowier and dramatic than the H&M one, and I fell in love with at Daisy Exchange, sooo comfortable. I was so excited when I got this corduroy pants from DE as well, because they’re such a great color that I can pair with a large range of complementary colors. I love brightly colored skinny jeans, and though I don’t generally like corduroy, I think these striking teal pants are perfect (also very soft and stretchy). I’ve worn these zebra flats before on the blog, they were a gift from my sister a couple Christmases ago and they really do match so well with almost anything, adding a pop of print that really ties an outfit together. I finished with my silver headband and my pearl clips as usual, and can you believe it– I STRAIGHTENED MY HAIR. Don’t laugh guys, I almost never do it because usually I think it looks awful straightened. But with the headband and my bangs pulled back, I actually really loved it.
So I know this has been a much longer post than normal, but hopefully you’ll forgive me since I’m trying all these new things and wanted to make sure I really explained it all to you! Please let me know what you think!


blog comparison 1

Loosen Up My Buttons Babe


Hello Readers!
I’m back again, and without the month long gap in between. I hope you’re impressed…and that you’re doubly impressed when I tell you I have two outfits all queued up for you. But you only get one today– gotta make these things last!
Today’s outfit is from a couple days ago when I just went out for errands and to eat, so it’s casual and comfy.

Gray cotton dress: Ross, $10
Navy button up shirt: Daisy Exchange, $8
Leopard scarf: (from Spain!!) souvenir from my friend Brenna
Cognac riding boots: Kohl’s, Christmas gift
Pearl earrings: Claire’s, birthday gift
Fossil watch: Ross, graduation gift
Outfit total: $18

This outfit is just something I threw together kind of last minute. We’ve been having unseasonably warm weather for November in Oklahoma, so I wanted to take advantage of a beautiful day and wear a dress without needing leggings or tights. It was still a bit windy, so I paired it with my favorite scarf and added a long sleeve shirt. I love the button up shirt over a dress look, and you’ll definitely be seeing that from me again.
I got this navy button up for really cheap from Daisy Exchange, and I love it. It looks really nice, but it’s still very soft and not too tight across the bust like a lot of button ups I try on. I’ve worn it with a ton of other stuff but just never managed to get it on the blog until now.
And of course, it wouldn’t be a fall outfit post on my blog unless I added my favorite Dana Buchman boots, a Christmas gift from my lovely parents last year.
Hope you like my outfit, and stay tuned for another one coming very soon, where I will be trying something a little different…


Guess Who’s Back, Back Again


Oh dear, Dear Readers.
I have been a bit remiss lately, haven’t I?
But perhaps you’ll excuse me, because as you can see, I have been redesigning the ol’ blog a bit. What do you all think? I’ve been doing this blog for a year and a half now, and I was ready for a change, so I updated everything.
Also, I finally have a new outfit for you all! I’ve meant to post some other things that I’ve been wearing lately but for some reason or another I never managed to get a picture of any of them. But tonight after going out for dinner, I made a stand, and my mom kindly took a picture of tonight’s outfit. So here it is:

Slouchy grey sweater: Daisy Exchange, $6
Black leggings: Target, $4
Black tall boots: Factory Connection, $10
Braided caramel headband: handmade by me
Pearl clip earrings: birthday gift
Watch: graduation gift
Outfit total: $20

I’m absolutely obsessed with this sweater. It is ridiculously comfortable and I feel like I could pair it with anything. Shockingly, I decided to pair it with my ever present black leggings today 🙂
I have to admit the sweater is my sister’s, however, and I’m so jealous she got such a steal. It really is the perfect oversized sweater, and I borrow it from my sister any time I can.
I’m also super excited to announce that I have now secured a pair of black boots, brand new, for ten dollars that I absolutely love. So now I don’t have to cheat with my other too expensive black boots when I want to post on the blog!
I was lazy today and this outfit was pretty casual, so I just threw my hair up with my favorite headband (made by me!) and my pearl earrings for a touch of class (haha). Here’s a closer view:

So here’s my outfit, I’m finally back! Hope you all love it…
as always 🙂


PS Just a fun behind the scenes note, my mom was taking pictures for the post tonight, and we ended up with an interesting bit of phenomenon….

Let me say, this is completely unedited. So I’ll just leave this here for you, along with my friend Richie’s description: “It’s a hermaphrogeist!”