Guess Who’s Back, Back Again


Oh dear, Dear Readers.
I have been a bit remiss lately, haven’t I?
But perhaps you’ll excuse me, because as you can see, I have been redesigning the ol’ blog a bit. What do you all think? I’ve been doing this blog for a year and a half now, and I was ready for a change, so I updated everything.
Also, I finally have a new outfit for you all! I’ve meant to post some other things that I’ve been wearing lately but for some reason or another I never managed to get a picture of any of them. But tonight after going out for dinner, I made a stand, and my mom kindly took a picture of tonight’s outfit. So here it is:

Slouchy grey sweater: Daisy Exchange, $6
Black leggings: Target, $4
Black tall boots: Factory Connection, $10
Braided caramel headband: handmade by me
Pearl clip earrings: birthday gift
Watch: graduation gift
Outfit total: $20

I’m absolutely obsessed with this sweater. It is ridiculously comfortable and I feel like I could pair it with anything. Shockingly, I decided to pair it with my ever present black leggings today πŸ™‚
I have to admit the sweater is my sister’s, however, and I’m so jealous she got such a steal. It really is the perfect oversized sweater, and I borrow it from my sister any time I can.
I’m also super excited to announce that I have now secured a pair of black boots, brand new, for ten dollars that I absolutely love. So now I don’t have to cheat with my other too expensive black boots when I want to post on the blog!
I was lazy today and this outfit was pretty casual, so I just threw my hair up with my favorite headband (made by me!) and my pearl earrings for a touch of class (haha). Here’s a closer view:

So here’s my outfit, I’m finally back! Hope you all love it…
as always πŸ™‚


PS Just a fun behind the scenes note, my mom was taking pictures for the post tonight, and we ended up with an interesting bit of phenomenon….

Let me say, this is completely unedited. So I’ll just leave this here for you, along with my friend Richie’s description: “It’s a hermaphrogeist!”


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