Loosen Up My Buttons Babe


Hello Readers!
I’m back again, and without the month long gap in between. I hope you’re impressed…and that you’re doubly impressed when I tell you I have two outfits all queued up for you. But you only get one today– gotta make these things last!
Today’s outfit is from a couple days ago when I just went out for errands and to eat, so it’s casual and comfy.

Gray cotton dress: Ross, $10
Navy button up shirt: Daisy Exchange, $8
Leopard scarf: (from Spain!!) souvenir from my friend Brenna
Cognac riding boots: Kohl’s, Christmas gift
Pearl earrings: Claire’s, birthday gift
Fossil watch: Ross, graduation gift
Outfit total: $18

This outfit is just something I threw together kind of last minute. We’ve been having unseasonably warm weather for November in Oklahoma, so I wanted to take advantage of a beautiful day and wear a dress without needing leggings or tights. It was still a bit windy, so I paired it with my favorite scarf and added a long sleeve shirt. I love the button up shirt over a dress look, and you’ll definitely be seeing that from me again.
I got this navy button up for really cheap from Daisy Exchange, and I love it. It looks really nice, but it’s still very soft and not too tight across the bust like a lot of button ups I try on. I’ve worn it with a ton of other stuff but just never managed to get it on the blog until now.
And of course, it wouldn’t be a fall outfit post on my blog unless I added my favorite Dana Buchman boots, a Christmas gift from my lovely parents last year.
Hope you like my outfit, and stay tuned for another one coming very soon, where I will be trying something a little different…



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