That Kind of Luxe Just Ain’t For Us


Hello Dear Readers!
As promised, I’m posting very quickly after my last post, I hope you’re excited! I meant to wait a little bit longer to space my posts out a little more, but also as promised, I’m going to be trying something a little different, and I just didn’t want to wait!!
If you’re interested in fashion and have access to the internet, you probably have heard of a website called Polyvore, where you can create virtual outfits online and share them. I’ve tried to stay away from Polyvore, because it becomes something of a black hole for me and I will spend hours making fake outfits I can never afford haha. But recently it has occurred to me that I can use Polyvore for my blog, and therefore have an excuse to get on it 🙂
It started the other day when I chose an outfit based on a Polyvore set I saw on Pinterest, and it got me thinking that I could create outfits on Polyvore similar to an outfit I’m posting on my blog for comparison prices! I can also start doing certain posts where I pick a much more expensive outfit I see on Pinterest or Polyvore and create a similar bargain look from my own wardrobe.
Now, I know this isn’t exactly a revolutionary, original idea because there are plenty of websites and blogs  and magazines that create imitation looks for cheaper. But any time I see those, I run into the original problem that lead me to create this blog– even the “cheaper” copycat outfits are way out of my budget!
I’m really excited about this new idea because it will let me really showcase my whole purpose of this blog– helping people figure out how to look their best without spending all their money. I want to show you that the absolutely gorgeous skirt/sweater combo from Anthropologie you saw the other day on Pinterest isn’t truly impossible for you to ever have. Maybe those exact, expensive pieces are, but you really can recreate high fashion for budget prices!
So on today’s post, I’ll be showcasing a look I created on Polyvore, telling you how much each piece cost and where it came from. Then I’ll show you my copycat piece, along with how much each item cost and where I got it, as usual.
Now, without further ado, here it goes!

Designer Outfit
lacy day

H&M Black Top with Lace: $21
American Eagle Teal Corduroy Jeggings: $40
Jessica Simpson Maine Zebra Flats: $80
River Island Silver Headband: $7
Pearl Studs from Lorde & Taylor: $12
Outfit total: $160

My Bargain Copycat Outfit


Black flowy top with lace sleeves: Daisy Exchange (originally Love Stitch), $8
Teal corduroy pants: Daisy Exchange (originally Forever 21), $6.50
Zebra flats: Target, Christmas present (around $11)
Silver braided headband: Forever 21, $1.50
Pearl clip earrings: Claire’s, birthday gift (around $11)
Outfit total: $16 ($38)

Even adding in the cost of things I was given as gifts, my outfit is FOUR TIMES cheaper than the designer one, but still fairly close to it (I think). I actually like my top and my flats better than the designer ones too! This is always one of my top style rules when shopping: just because something is more expensive does NOT mean it’s better.
My top is much flowier and dramatic than the H&M one, and I fell in love with at Daisy Exchange, sooo comfortable. I was so excited when I got this corduroy pants from DE as well, because they’re such a great color that I can pair with a large range of complementary colors. I love brightly colored skinny jeans, and though I don’t generally like corduroy, I think these striking teal pants are perfect (also very soft and stretchy). I’ve worn these zebra flats before on the blog, they were a gift from my sister a couple Christmases ago and they really do match so well with almost anything, adding a pop of print that really ties an outfit together. I finished with my silver headband and my pearl clips as usual, and can you believe it– I STRAIGHTENED MY HAIR. Don’t laugh guys, I almost never do it because usually I think it looks awful straightened. But with the headband and my bangs pulled back, I actually really loved it.
So I know this has been a much longer post than normal, but hopefully you’ll forgive me since I’m trying all these new things and wanted to make sure I really explained it all to you! Please let me know what you think!


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