Really Love Your Peaches, Wanna Shake Your Tree


Hello, dear friends!
I’m back, just as I promised I would be (I bet you guys didn’t believe me, did you… shame on you!). Today’s post is an outfit I wore to one of my dear friend’s presentation of her senior project. She created an entire magazine and then hung enlarged photos of each page in the gallery at our college. 
I met Lauren as a freshman, about a month into school, in our Rhetoric and Public Speaking class, and we bonded over our mutual interest in soccer and foreign boys 😉 hahaha
She has been my friend ever since, through four and a half years of enormous life change, and her presentation was the culmination of an immense amount of work and dedication. She is honestly one of the most talented photographers I have ever seen in my life, and she took my two favorite photos of me 🙂

Here’s the expensive look, which I already previewed here with a Polyvore post:

Dorothy Perkins sleeved lace skater dress: $35
Modcloth Steps in the Right Direction tights: $20
ASOS Casper Knee High Boots: $82
Macy’s City Cocktail Ring: $25
Macy’s Charter Club Earrings: $9.60
Outfit total: $171. 60

Now my copycat bargain outfit:


blog peach lace

Notice the little cat paw to the left there.

Notice the little cat paw to the left there.

Peach lace top dress: Daisy Exchange (originally One Clothing), $8.50
Thin black belt: came with another dress
Gray fair isle print sweater tights: Kohl’s, Christmas present (around $6.50)
Black tall boots: Factory Connection, $10
Pearl ring: State Fair booth, $5
Pearl clips: Claire’s, gift (approx $3.50)
Outfit total: $24.50

Even counting my things that were gifts, I’m STILL under budget! BOOM BABY! I wanted to wear something nice, because it was a gallery opening and I knew Lauren would be dressing amazing (I envy her sense of style sooooo much, I wish I could dress as well as she does!), but it was also cold out, so I knew I wanted to wear leggings or tights. I wouldn’t normally think to pair peach with grey, but since I only had one pair of sweater tights in one color, I tried it out and ended up liking it!
I love to wear boots with dresses, because you can take a dress that is a little bit nicer and dress it down with boots while still looking very put together. I thought all in all it was a cute and quirky look that I really surprised myself by loving.
I’m very into lace lately, and I just fell in love with this dress. Peach or coral or pink tones are not always my best colors, but I just loved this dress so much that I got it anyway. I love the way it fits my body and I feel so pretty in it!
I’m going to finish with a picture of me and the gorgeous Lauren, who I already know is going to be famous someday– she’s just too talented not to! So watch out for her, readers! As always, I hope you love my outfit as much as I did 🙂


See what I mean about Lauren’s style? I could never pull off a floral crown, but Lauren looks like a queen in it.



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