Jingle Bells


Hello, friends!
I hope you had a most wonderful and merry Christmas. Mine was filled with family, good food, and naps– a recipe for happiness!
Today I’m wrapping up my run of outfits for the blog by doing something a little different. I’m putting my outfit I wore for Christmas up, which technically does qualify for the blog…. But here’s the thing– Everything I am wearing was a gift, which I thought was appropriate for a Christmas outfit! So check it out:


Notice Finn lounging in the corner of the picture.

Notice Finn lounging in the corner of the picture.


Jingle Bells Sweater: handed down to me by my sister (I think it was originally my mom’s)
Black leggings: my sister’s
Red and white striped socks: gift from my best friend Kasey
Tribal print fold down boots: Christmas gift from my parents
Red bow: I included it in the last post as costing $3, but truthfully my mom bought it for me

I felt both festive and comfortable in this outfit– I also felt very loved wearing gifts from the important people in my life. Hopefully your Christmas was just as merry and bright as mine, and filled with the ones you love!

I’ll probably be taking a little break from this blog to celebrate the new year and to work on a special project for my other blog, but stay tuned– you never know when I might throw something up on here! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and thank you to all of you for making this worth doing!


PS Of course I couldn’t post this outfit without including these pictures, apparently my cats photobombing me is turning into a regular thing:



Why do I even try?

Why do I even try?


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