I Love You, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do


Hello again, Readers!
If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you might have noticed that I really love dresses. Like, really, really, REALLY love them. Like I have so many, I can’t even hang them all up because there’s not enough room. The problem is, I just can’t stop buying them. There’s nothing like a new, pretty dress to just really make me feel beautiful. Now, having said this, it might not surprise you that I really, really love weddings, because (aside from just being wonderful in general) weddings give me an excuse to wear all those dresses I can’t seem to stop myself from buying. When my friend D’Erin got engaged last year, I had my outfit planned for her wedding before I even got the invitation. Yesterday, the big night finally came. It did not, however, work out exactly as I had hoped. You can read all about how my night turned into something of a disaster on my other blog if you like. Suffice to say– I missed the wedding. I did, however, manage to make it to the reception, so I at least felt like I looked good while I was hating myself! I saw this dress on Pinterest a while back and fell in love with it:

That’s why when I went in Daisy Exchange and bought the dress I ended up wearing to D’Erin’s wedding, I almost had a heart attack.

Here’s my designer outfit: designer wedding H&M Chiffon Dress: $33
Debenham’s Mustard Opaque Tights: $11
Steve Madden Pammyy Shoes: $69
A.V. Max Gold Metal Feather Earrings: $22
Happily Ever Abalone Necklace: $17
Outfit total: $152

My copycat bargain outfit: image (2) image (1) image 20140105_174325_LLS (Thanks to my best friend Skye for taking pictures of me with her fancy new phone in the bathroom at the reception hahaha)
Black shift dress: Daisy Exchange (originally H&M), $8
Gold polka dot tights: Old Navy, Christmas present ($7)
Royal blue wedges: Target, $7
Blue-green collar necklace: Forever 21, gift
Gold dangle earrings: Claire’s, Christmas gift
Outfit total: $22

I have to admit, this is one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever worn for the blog. I really wanted gold tights to go with it, but I never could find any that were even under $15. I actually tried to make my own gold glitter tights, which is documented in the post on my other blog about D’Erin’s wedding. Much like my attempt to find the church, the tights were an utter failure. Luckily I had already picked these tights out for my parents to give me for Christmas. I really like them, but unfortunately I bought a size too small and so they are a weeee bit snug.
I am obsessed with this dress. I love the silhouette, and I love the sheer, full sleeves with the tight cuffs. It feels very elegant, and I thought it was the perfect LBD. And, as far as I can tell, it is identical to the pink dress I loved so much on Pinterest.
I’ve actually had this necklace on the blog before; it was a gift from my friend Lyssa the Christmas before last, and it’s still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I’ve ever received. I love the mix of colors and the flow of the necklace, they look like little leaves or feathers. I
have mentioned before my struggles with wearing high heels, and so I always have wedges when I have to actually dress up. I loved the color and the style of these, and I had actually planned to wear them for my graduation. However, that did not end up working out because I did not want to break my ankle at graduation. I’ve been wanting an opportunity to wear them again, and I think they were the perfect complement to this look. Unfortunately, I am apparently just as bad at wedges as I am at high heels, and by the end of the night I had to take my shoes off because I literally was unable to walk my feet hurt so bad. This resulted in me walking through downtown Oklahoma City in just tights haha.
The only thing left that I needed to complete this outfit were some big, dramatic gold earrings. A couple days before the wedding, I was laying in bed trying to think of what I could wear, and worrying about how I was going to find some gold earrings. The next day I met up with my best friend Skye to exchange Christmas presents, and what did I find in my bag put these gorgeous golden earrings. Skye provided the exact finishing touch I needed to bring this whole outfit together. I felt very fancy and grownup, and I had a lovely time at the reception.
D’Erin looked absolutely stunning and I am so incredibly happy for her and her new husband. Our shoes actually ended up being the same color, which made my heart happy 🙂 As always, I hope you love my outfit as much as I do!



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