Take It Easy


Hi everyone!
Sorry I took a bit of a break on here, I posted the designer outfit for today’s post a while ago and meant to follow with this post right after, but I got busy substitute teaching for the first time– a disastrous experience you can read all about on my other blog if you’d like.
A winter storm just hit Oklahoma yesterday, and this outfit is from a week or so ago in sunnier times, so I’m looking back on it longingly. It is currently snowy and freezing outside right now.

Here is my designer outfit:
sleeveless blouse designer

Vero Moda Newly Diamond Sleeveless Shirt: $34
Madewell Knit Leggings: $35
Ked’s Champion Original Sneakers: $40
Namrata Joshipura Sequined Pattered Turban Headband: $28
(I’m not including the ring or earrings since I didn’t put my own ring or earrings in my copycat price)
Outfit total: $137

My copycat outfit:


White sleeveless blouse: Old Navy, $4.50
Black leggings: Target, $4
Navy imitation Keds: Target, $9
Blue headband: soccer store, $4 for a roll
Outfit total: $21.50

I wore this out to dinner at TGI Friday’s with my family– where I was offered a kid’s menu 😡 I ordered myself a nice big drink to make myself feel better haha. I love this outfit because it is so casual and comfortable. I’m really into the sleeveless blouse trend that I’ve been starting to see on the internet, and so I was crazy excited when I found this blouse on clearance at Old Navy for so little. I can imagine wearing this in the summer with shorts or a skirt and staying cool while still having an easy elegance.
Some days, you just don’t feel like wearing real pants, and since I graduated and haven’t been able to find a job, those days have become pretty much every day. Another thing I love about this blouse is that it is long enough to pair with leggings without feeling like my business is all hanging out.
I paired it with my fake navy Keds from Target to keep it really laidback, and I added the braided pigtails with a headband because I thought it was casual but cute. The stuff my headband is made of is actually called prewrap, and if you don’t know it’s like this very thin, stretchy foam-like material that people generally use to wrap injuries in sports (ie sprained ankles, etc.). In soccer, however, we have long used it to keep our hair out of our face while playing, and it makes for a great headband. I liked that it gave it just the littlest bit of a sporty vibe.
And, of course, I added my pearl earrings, just to bring it all together.

So there you have it, my casual and easy look for a weekend night out to dinner. Expect to see this shirt again come summer 😉 As always, I hope you love my outfit as much as I do!


PS As so often happens, while trying to take pictures of this outfit one of my cats decided to wander in and photobomb me, and I thought I’d share it with you:

Thanks, Gustav.

Thanks, Gustav.



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