I’m Sailing Away


Hello, my wonderful Readers!
I apologize, because I’ve been TERRIBLE lately and just haven’t bothered to post any of my actual outfits. I’ve just been Polyvoreing like a fool. But FINALLY I took a stand, and actually took pictures for a real outfit post!

My designer comparison outfit:
anchors dress

Hooked on Haute Dress, Modcloth: $50
H&M Pattern-knit Cardigan: $50
AE Strappy Criss-Cross Sandals: $30
Heart Key Pendant Necklace: $30
Outfit total: $160

My bargain copycat outfit:

With cardigan

With cardigan

Without cardigan

Without cardigan

Navy anchor dress: Old Navy, $11
White long cardigan: Target, $4.50
Leather criss-cross sandals: Daisy Exchange, $6
Silver key necklace: Forever 21, $2.50
Fossil watch: graduation gift
Outfit total: $24

This is the outfit I wore to see the OKC Ballet’s performance of Beauty and the Beast with my mom, one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I absolutely adore ballet, and this was my second time to attend. The first performance I saw was The Nutcracker back in December, and I’ve just been obsessed with it ever since.
Belle is my favorite Disney character, so I was determined to attend this performance, which was unbelievably wonderful. Watching ballet is just this enthralling, absorbing experience for me– the best way to describe it that I can think of is the way that Julia Roberts’ character feels while watching opera in Pretty Woman is the same way I feel watching ballet.

The amazing seats we got (regularly $49 a piece, but we got them for $12 each!!!)

The amazing seats we got (regularly $49 a piece, but we got them for $12 each!!!)

But ANYWAYS. To the actual outfit. I fell in love with this dress– call me cliche, but I wholeheartedly love the whole anchor pattern thing, and the dress just felt so comfortable and effortlessly pretty. My sister had a coupon from her Old Navy card, so I got it even cheaper than it was already on sale for.
That’s one of my biggest bargain shopping tips– if there’s somewhere you really love and shop at regularly and they offer some kind of card or credit card, seriously consider getting it. Old Navy gives a lot of really great discounts and they send them out pretty often, so it’s one I’d recommend investing in.
In case I got cold in the civic center where the ballet was, I brought along the cardigan, which I got a few months ago and wear with everything now because it’s loose and flowy, and white goes with most things.
These shoes I got a couple weeks ago at Daisy Exchange, and I thought they added a casual touch while still matching my glasses (which are new since I lasted posted–and which I also needed to be able to see any of the ballet haha). I think the sandals are perfect for spring/summer. They’re versatile and match a lot of stuff, and also are very comfortable.
Then I finished it off with my silver key necklace, though it’s hard to see in the picture, my Fossil watch, and a ring my parents bought me for Valentine’s day that I’m obsessed with.
I thought it was a cute, easy, but still elegant look to wear for a Saturday afternoon ballet! As always, hopefully you love my outfit as much as I do– and I’m sorry about the long absence! I’ll try and do better, promise 🙂


PS Just another huge thank you to my lovely mother, who is the only other member of my family interested in ballet and who shared my joy and enthrallment in the experience, for taking me! Love you ma mere!

A little dark and blurry but oh well!

A little dark and blurry but oh well!


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