sarasayslove on Polyvore


To help me in my fashion blogging endeavors, I have created a profile on Polyvore (I hope that you will follow me) to make designer outfits to compare to my bargain outfits, and for some reason it has linked itself to this blog, and publishes a post every time I make an outfit. And, because I am an old woman, I have no idea how to make it stop doing this. So you will be getting little teasers or just whimsical outfits I’ve made on Polyvore as posts on this blog until I figure out how to stop it…. which might be never haha. So heads up for outfits appearing suddenly and with no explanation!
Just a note– If you really like a piece in one of the designer outfits and would like to look into it further, you can use these Polyvore posts to do so because they contain links to every item I use in the Polyvore set.


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