And I Want to Thank You For Giving Me the Best Day of My Life


Hiiii, everyone.
So. I was doing so well, I know. I had published three posts in two weeks! That was impressive for me. I dutifully continued the trend, and took a picture of my outfit for Thanksgiving, all overflowing with blogging excitement.
Then, the evening after Thanksgiving, the youngest of my four dogs suddenly collapsed. By the next morning, he was gone– my sweet, precious Cash died in my lap.

You all might remember that in September, my beloved 16 year old cat Boo passed away, and I was devastated. I didn’t post on either of my blogs for weeks because I didn’t have words to say. It was only after a few months had passed that I could even talk about him without tearing up, and I felt like I was finally becoming able to remember the joy and happiness he gave me instead of the agony of his death.
Sometimes it seems like when the world finally starts to settle down, it decides it needs to completely upend you. I won’t go into detail about his loss here, but you can read about it on my other blog if you’d like. Suffice to say, I just didn’t feel like taking pictures of my clothes for awhile. But Cashy was the happiest, most energetic dog, and I can’t imagine him wanting us unhappy, so finally I began photographing some outfits. In fact, I went on a spree– so besides the Thanksgiving outfit I’m posting today, I have THREE more already uploaded to the computer and waiting for you all. GET. EXCITED…. At least, I hope you are 🙂

Here is the more expensive look I created with designer pieces from Polyvore:
Harker Canyon Printed Tunic Dress: $47
Transparenze Paige Lace Leggings: $22
Timeless Marsilia Brown Riding Boot: $73
Debenham’s Designer Watch: $92
Oliver Bonas Classic Pearl Earrings: $23
Leather headband: Forever 21, $3.50
Outfit total: $260.50

Here’s my copycat look:



thanksgiving outfit

Tribal front black shift dress: Daisy Exchange, $8.50
Cream leggings: Wall’s, $3
Dana Buchman cognac riding boots: Kohl’s, Christmas gift (approx. $40)
Braided leather headband: handmade by me
Fossil tortoiseshell watch: Ross, graduation gift (approx. $40)
Pearl clip earrings: Claire’s, birthday gift (approx $3.50)
Outfit total: $11.50 ($95)

Thanksgiving is a day of feasting for me, and I take it very seriously. So I decided to go with comfy leggings and a very loose dress which would NOT push on my stomach (priorities). Both the print and the color palette seemed very reminiscent of fall so it just seemed perfect. I’ve had these white leggings for a couple of years and never, ever worn them because I’ve come to the conclusion that vaguely see-through white leggings don’t look good on anyone. Luckily this dress is very long and my boots very tall, so I had a way to keep my legs warm and match my outfit without showing off too much of a bad thing haha.
I’ve decided that if I’m going to be doing comparison outfits from more expensive pieces, I should at least give you all a clue of how much the expensive staple pieces I always use on this blog are, even if I didn’t have to pay for them. One of my favorite fashion tips– if you can’t afford something you really, really want, like nice boots or an expensive watch, holidays and birthdays are great times to ask for them so you can have a few investment pieces to supplement all your bargain buys! I knew the actual overall price of my outfit is terribly expensive, but it’s still more than $150 cheaper than the designer one!
One final note– I’ve created an account on Polyvore (which I’d LOVE if you would follow me on) to make my designer outfits, and for some reason it has linked itself to this blog, and publishes a post every time I make an outfit. And, because I am an old woman, I have no idea how to make it stop doing this. So you will be getting little teasers or just whimsical outfits I’ve made on Polyvore as posts on this blog until I figure out how to stop it haha.
I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving, and that you love my outfit! And please stay tuned because I’ve got three more outfits coming your way!



Rompin’ Stompin’ Blues


Hey everyone!
Today’s outfit is super simple and casual, perfect for a summer day of just eating lunch and running errands around town. Check it out:
picisto-20130630000310-970969Navy romper: Daisy Exchange, $5
Bronze gladiator sandals: Walmart, $7
Bronze flower clip earrings: thrift store, $0.99
Braided leather headband: gift
Leopard bracelet: gift
Outfit total: $13

So I was on the fence for a long time about this whole romper phenomenon. At first, I was completely disgusted by rompers (much like with leggings). Then I reluctantly was won over by the comfort and convenience  (much like with leggings). But I could never seem to find any that looked decent on me. Then one day when I was shopping at Daisy Exchange, I found this simple romper on clearance. It’s made of cotton, which I preferred to some of the more unflattering, thinner material of rompers that I had tried on before, and I decided to give it a shot. I ended up absolutely loving.
It’s such a convenient thing to throw on during the summer, and it’s cool and easy to accessorize. I went with my usual bronze accents for a casual look. Hopefully you like my laid-back summer style!


These Boots Were Made For Walkin’


Heyyyy everyone.
I’m actually slightly unsure as to how I should go about this post. You see, I’m going to do something completely out of keeping with the requirements I put on myself for this blog, and it feels a little like cheating.  But, for the overall idea of what I’m trying to do with this blog, I think this is an important post to have.
Also, when it comes down to it, it’s my blog and I can break my rules if I wanna! Haha that being said, let me explain what I mean.
I have been searching for a pair of really cute tall boots for almost a year now. I’ve found a couple of pairs that were almost right, but never quite. You saw one of the cheap pairs I bought in my last post, Affair of the Heart. They’re cute, but they just weren’t exactly what I was imagining every time I droolingly pored over the endless pairs of fabulous boots I saw every time I looked at Pinterest.
So, this brings me to one of the sad but inescapable facts of fashion I’ve been forced to accept: sometimes, you just have to pay a lot to get something you really love.
But, and you might remember that I talked about this in my very first outfit post, these are things I call investment pieces. And my investment pieces, even though they are much more than I would normally ever pay, are not nearly as expensive as other people’s.
So take for example, the pair of tall nice boots I’ve been dreaming of. Well, everywhere I’ve looked, the cheapest I’ve seen any is $35, and they’ve usually been much more than that. And much of the time, they have not looked like they were even close to worth that much in quality. So, when I wandered in Ross (a local discount wholesale clothing store) and spotted the pair of tall black boots I’d been dreaming of, I realized in about ten minutes that I was going to be purchasing them once I’d discovered that they were only $25.
So, somewhat impulsively, I bought a pair of boots for $25. That was difficult to stomach, because that is literally the budget for one of my entire outfits on here! But in a way, those boots are like an outfit all in themselves. I have seriously worn them probably 10 times since I got them a little over a week ago. They match everything, and I just love them. So, I’m going to include them in my outfit today, and I hope you’ll forgive me. But the rest of my outfit is definitely under $25!
(Photo credit: ma mere)

Green dress: Daisy Exchange, $6.50
Camel-colored blazer: Papaya via Daisy Exchange, $6.50
Caramel braided belt: Local thrift store, $1.80
Caramel braided headband: Handmade by me!
Black leggings: Target, $3
Outfit total without boots: $17.80
Outfit total with boots: $42.80

I also feel like I could get away with this because I could easily add a pair of flats I have to this outfit that were under $7 that would put this under $25. In the future if I wear my boots in a post, I will also try to take a picture with alternative shoes that keep the outfit under $25!
Now, for the outfit. I wore this to dinner last Sunday night with two of my really good friends, Katelyn and Richie. We ate at a local Irish pub (it’s called Sean Cummings, and if you’re interested I highly recommend it). I wanted something that looked nice but wasn’t too dressy. I was also meeting Kate’s new boyfriend so I wanted to make sure I made a good first impression!
I love the color green because I think it is my best color, so when I see a cute cheap green dress it’s hard for me to say no. Another recent fashion trend I’m so in love with is blazers. Daisy Exchange had a ton when I went in, but apparently I have the shoulders of a man because the only one I could fit in was this one I bought. I absolutely love this color, I think it matches well with so many different things. It was also a little more unique than  the other blazers I saw because it comes to points in the front.
My signature belt is, naturally, present and now you all can see a better picture of my headband that I bragged about in my last post. Be impressed, because that thing took some work. I simply bought some strips of leather and some thin elastic at the craft store. Then I braided it together and handsewed the elastic on. I do not recommend this method, as I ended up bending my needle and stabbing myself a few times. But I have yet to learn to use a sewing machine and I was too impatient to wait before I made this.
I finished this off with my old, worn black leggings from Target and my beloved boots because it was cool and rainy that night. And thus you have my pub outfit!
I apologize, because I know this post was pretty long but I hope you all like my outfit and my boots! And remember, if you really love something, don’t feel too guilty to splurge every once in a while.


P.S. This is one my favorite Peeta pins ever. I seriously laughed for like five minutes the first time I saw it. Enjoy!