Hi everyone!!
I am SO EXCITED, because today marks two years since I posted my first ever outfit post on my blog. It’s so hard to believe how long it’s been and how much both my life, my style, and myself have changed!
Today’s outfit comes from a dinner date with one my childhood best friends Cindy.

Est. 1997, y'all.

Est. 1997, y’all.

We went to this cool restaurant, Picasso’s, which is in an artsy area of OKC called the Paseo District. We  listened to some amazing live music and had a delicious dinner, and it was just lovely!

Here is my designer comparison outfit:
boho breeze

CALYPSO St. Barth Jael Elephant Motif Cotton Shirt: $175
Old Navy Black Cropped Leggings: $15
Minnetonka Hi-Top Back Zip Boot: $55
Outfit total: $245

Here’s my bargain copycat outfit:
Print see-through shirt: Old Navy, $7
Black leggings: Target, $4
Fringed moccasin booties: Daisy Exchange, $6.50
White tank top: Abercrombie, $5
Outfit total: $22.50

I just love this look, and I’m proud to wear it for my two year blog anniversary! The top is so colorful and slightly exotic looking (I looove long tunics), and I knew it was perfect to pair with my very boho (slightly hipster) moccasins. You all know how much I love my leggings and I thought they were just right for the casual, relaxed vibe of the look.
You also might notice I did something different with my hair– it’s a braid crown!!! I just impulsively tried it and ended up loving how it looked, to my shock haha. I thought it also fit in perfectly with my very hippie sort of look lol.
As always, I hope you love my outfit as much as I do. And, whether this is the first post you’ve ever read or you’ve been with me since that first mess of a post on this blog, THANK YOU for reading. You guys make what I do worthwhile!!



Let It Go, Let It Go


Hello again, Dear Readers!
Tonight I have the first of a veritable DELUGE of outfit posts that will be coming your way. I wore this out to see the new Disney movie Frozen with my beloved childhood friend Cindy, and I love it almost as much as I love the movie…and Cindy! (Seriously guys, it’s soooo lovely, you have to see it. I now have an intense crush on an animated character.)

Here is my expensive designer look:

frozen outfit copy

Target Merona V-Neck Cardigan: $23
L.A. Air Leopard Tank: $20
Toast Stretch Corduroy Skinny Jean: $145
ASOS Casper Knee High Boots: $57
Outfit total: $245

Bargain copycat look:


Colorblock cardigan: Daisy Exchange, $6.50
White leopard tank: American Eagle clearance, $5.50
Teal skinny corduroys: Daisy Exchange, $6.50
Tall black riding boots: Factory Connection, $10
Pearl clips: Claire’s, birthday gift
Pearl ring: state fair, gift
Outfit total: $28.50

Okay… so I know I’m a little over budget, but it’s only by $3.50. Plus I wanted to take this opportunity to bring you an outfit with a few more pieces than normal. Usually because I am trying to stay below the 25 dollar mark on here, the outfits I end up posting are almost inevitably very simple, like a dress and boots. Today I managed to bring you a shirt, pants, cardigan, AND boots, and still for under $30. Notice I left out earrings or a ring on my designer piece because I wasn’t including the price of the ones I was wearing in my bargain outfit.
I really love the color scheme of this outfit, with the colorblocking of the cardigan, which is incredibly loose and comfortable. I love the tank top I’m wearing, and though you can’t see it, it also has a tiger on it. But luckily the leopard is what showed through, because leopards are my favorite animals! 🙂 I thought the colors in the cardigan also paired well with the teal of my corduroys, which I have been wearing a ton lately. I finished with my very cheap, but still really nice black boots to tie everything together, and my usual pearl clip earrings and pearl ring.
As always, I hope you love this outfit as much as I do, and I’d like to take this time to beg you all again to follow me on Pinterest and pin some of my outfits to help me spread the word! I’d also love if you’d follow me on Polyvore, as well 🙂
And please stay tuned on here, because I have three outfits waiting for you all!


PS If you all are feeling especially kind, please go check out my other blog and the story of how my sister wrecked her car and led us into utter chaos (Note: no sisters or other motor vehicilists  were harmed in the making of this story. Also, vehicilists is the weirdest word ever, I’m convinced).

Listen to Your Heart


Hello again, Readers!
Can you believe the unprecedented amount of productivity on this blog? Three posts in two weeks, that has to be a record or something (Shouldn’t I know this kind of stuff? I don’t know this kind of stuff though.) Here’s an outfit I wore out to dinner a couple nights ago. I would have posted it sooner (CRAZY TALK) but I was unfortunately stricken possibly the most ill I’ve ever been in my life, and I’m just now recovering.
Continuing with this newfangled thing I implemented last week, I’ve made an alternative, designer outfit on Polyvore to compare with my copycat bargain outfit.

Eden & Esme Polka Dot Sweater: $79
DJP Halle Paint Splatter Jean: $110
Vintage Shoe Co. Aubrey Oxford: $90
(J by Jasper Watch is $85, but I’m not including it because I don’t know the price of my Fossil watch)
Outfit total: $279



“Follow Your Heart” Sweater: Old Navy, $8
Pink patterned skinny jeans: Gap, $4.97
Tan Oxfords: Daisy Exchange, $6.50
Fossil watch: graduation gift
Outfit total: $19.47

$279 for THREE PIECES. I swear guys, I’m not trying to find the most expensive stuff here, just the closest things to what I have. I even didn’t include the price of the watch because my watch was a gift. It blows my mind how much more people charge for designer pieces.
I have to give total credit to my sister for this copycat outfit, we both own a pair of these pants and when I bought this sweater last week she pointed out how great it would look with them. It may or may not have been suggested that this outfit is a little “hipster,” especially with the Oxfords and the glasses, but I still love it. It’s quirky but simple, with the bright, loud pattern of the pants balanced with the plain sweater (with an adorable message, if I might add).
I got these pants at Gap for FIVE BUCKS, as you might have noticed. Truthfully I wouldn’t have probably bought them if they hadn’t been so cheap, because they can be difficult to wear. They certainly draw your attention and have a lot going on, so you have to be careful what you wear them with.
I love clothes that have cute or whimsical sayings on them, and when I saw this sweater I just knew I had to have it. It also happens to be in my favorite color, burgundy, so I was completely sold. I finished with my beloved Oxfords (I’m Oxford obsessed, in case you didn’t know) to give it a fun but classic touch. I don’t wear my glasses that much, but they went perfectly with this outfit so I couldn’t say no.
So there you have it, my hipster (possibly hipster preppy? Not sure here) outfit. Hopefully you don’t think it’s TOO crazy, and it will encourage you to try something a little bit out there. It’s important to always have fun with your clothes, and I loved trying this bright and unusual look.
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PS Here’s another behind the scenes picture from the glamorous life of me, where I get photobombed by my new cat:

And now a cute pic:

For more on my new cat, stay tuned to my other blog, Boots and Cats, because a new post introducing him is coming soon!