Blinded By Rainbows


Hello again!
I hope you all are impressed because I’m posting again so soon like I actually said I would–I’m proud of myself haha.
Today’s outfit is one I wore to substitute teach, and it’s pretty colorful haha.

Designer comparison outfit:floral dress

Multi Colour Plus Bodycon Midi Dress with Floral Panel: $35
Shoe Republic Fiat – Fuchsia: $55
Gold-Tone Circle Filigree Chandelier Earrings: $18
Jane Norman Leaf Detail Cuff Bracelet: $16
Pink, Blue, and Turquoise Braid Necklace: $34
Outfit total: $158

My bargain copycat outfit:
Black and pattern panel dress: Target, $11.48
Turquoise peep-toe wedges: Cato, $3.99
Multi-color bubble necklace: Christmas gift
Gold dangle earrings: Christmas gift
Gold bracelet: my mom’s
Outfit total: $15.47

This is definitely one of the more unusual dresses I’ve ever worn. I wasn’t sure if I liked it the first time I saw it or not. I was very attracted to all the bright mish-mash of rainbow colors, but the design looked like a Rorschach test to me haha.
After I tried it on, I really liked the structured, tight-fitting top with the flared, flutter skirt. It took me a couple visits, but I eventually ended up buying it, and I’ve fallen in love with it a little bit more all the time!
Like I mentioned, I wore this to sub so I wanted to make sure I looked very professional but still cute. I added my favorite statement necklace my friend Lyssa got me and matched it with my ridiculously cheap turquoise wedges I got on sale at Cato (I bought a black pair too because how can you say no to nice shoes for four bucks?!). Then I finished with my gold earrings from Skye and my mom’s gold bracelet–which I’m aware I wore in my last outfit post, but that outfit inspired me on this one! 🙂
Okay. Now for the truth. That outfit isn’t really exactly the one I wore–I put on those wedges, wore them around for like ten minutes as I was getting ready to leave, and just decided I was too tired to wear heels that day. It’s not that they’re not comfortable–they are, very! But wearing any heels, no matter how comfy or low-heeled they are, is a workout for my calves, and I just couldn’t be bothered. Here’s what I really wore:

That’s right– boring, sensible black flats haha. But hey, my feet and legs didn’t hurt a bit at the end of the day! If you’re wondering what the total was with the shoe change, a friend of mine actually gave me those so they don’t add anything to my total.
As always, I hope you like my outfit as much as I did, and I’ll have another outfit coming your way relatively soon, so keep an eye out for it!


PS I recently did a color run called Color Me Rad with my sister and two of my closest friends. Since this post is about colorful clothes, I figured this would be an appropriate place to share a couple of my favorite pictures from the day.

My sister and I before and after

My sister and I before and after

Tiffany, Rachel, me, and Kasey

Tiffany, Rachel, me, and Kasey


I definitely got colored rad!



It’s All Greek to Me


Hi everyone!
Since I’ve been so bad lately about posting, I’ve made a conscious effort to get some outfit posts lined up lately, and I’ve already got another waiting after this one!
Today’s outfit comes from one of my favorite events of all time, a wedding!

Designer comparison outfit:
greek designer

Calypso St. Barth Sarah Asymmetric Maxi Dress: $319
Ralph Lauren Dover Leather Platform Wedge Sandals: $54
Rakuten Chandelier Drop Earrings: $25
Stacks on Stacks Bangle Set: $18
Quetzalcoatl Leather Headband: $34
Outfit total: $450

My bargain copycat outfit:
Green Grecian style dress: Daisy Exchange, $6.50
Cognac wedges: Target, $8
Leather braided headband: handmade
Gold dangle earrings: Christmas gift
Gold bracelet (I took it off before this picture, oops!): my mom’s
Outfit total: $14.50

I wore this outfit to my friend Jessica’s wedding–it was at a vineyard, and literary themed, and absolutely gorgeous! The weather was perfect and there was no wind (a miracle in Oklahoma), and it was overall the most lovely day for a wedding you could imagine. I am so happy for Jess and her new husband!

My friends Lyssa and Katie, the bride Jess in her stunning floral wedding dress, and me!

My friends Lyssa and Katie, the bride Jess in her stunning floral wedding dress, and me!

I wanted to go with something comfortable but still pretty, and I thought this was a fun, easy dress that suited an outdoor wedding. I loved the almost minty green color and also the Grecian elements to this dress and at $6.50 I couldn’t believe how cheap it was. It was actually a few sizes too big, but it came with the lovely gold belt and I was able to drape it so that you didn’t really notice it too much. This dress was also flowy and easy to dance in, and let me tell you I danced my butt off and had the best time!
I added my go-to nice occasion shoes (since they’re the only ones I can wear comfortably for a long time haha), my trusty leather braided headband, and my gorgeous gold clip earrings my best friend Skye got me for Christmas. I also was wearing a gold bracelet I got from my mom but I kept banging it into stuff so I took it off before this picture and forgot to put it back on for it :/
I really liked mixing the neutral, more earthy elements of the tan wedges and the leather headband with the more classic elements of the gold braid and flowy pastel green of the dress. I thought it gave it something of a boho goddess feel, and was an interesting change from the usual gold accessories I initially thought to pair it with.
Here’s a pic of me and my dear friends Katie and Lyssa, who I partied with during the wedding. You can also see my earrings and headband a little closer.


As always, I hope you like my outfit as much as I do, and stay tuned for my next outfit post, which should be coming up soon! 🙂


I Love You, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do


Hello again, Readers!
If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you might have noticed that I really love dresses. Like, really, really, REALLY love them. Like I have so many, I can’t even hang them all up because there’s not enough room. The problem is, I just can’t stop buying them. There’s nothing like a new, pretty dress to just really make me feel beautiful. Now, having said this, it might not surprise you that I really, really love weddings, because (aside from just being wonderful in general) weddings give me an excuse to wear all those dresses I can’t seem to stop myself from buying. When my friend D’Erin got engaged last year, I had my outfit planned for her wedding before I even got the invitation. Yesterday, the big night finally came. It did not, however, work out exactly as I had hoped. You can read all about how my night turned into something of a disaster on my other blog if you like. Suffice to say– I missed the wedding. I did, however, manage to make it to the reception, so I at least felt like I looked good while I was hating myself! I saw this dress on Pinterest a while back and fell in love with it:

That’s why when I went in Daisy Exchange and bought the dress I ended up wearing to D’Erin’s wedding, I almost had a heart attack.

Here’s my designer outfit: designer wedding H&M Chiffon Dress: $33
Debenham’s Mustard Opaque Tights: $11
Steve Madden Pammyy Shoes: $69
A.V. Max Gold Metal Feather Earrings: $22
Happily Ever Abalone Necklace: $17
Outfit total: $152

My copycat bargain outfit: image (2) image (1) image 20140105_174325_LLS (Thanks to my best friend Skye for taking pictures of me with her fancy new phone in the bathroom at the reception hahaha)
Black shift dress: Daisy Exchange (originally H&M), $8
Gold polka dot tights: Old Navy, Christmas present ($7)
Royal blue wedges: Target, $7
Blue-green collar necklace: Forever 21, gift
Gold dangle earrings: Claire’s, Christmas gift
Outfit total: $22

I have to admit, this is one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever worn for the blog. I really wanted gold tights to go with it, but I never could find any that were even under $15. I actually tried to make my own gold glitter tights, which is documented in the post on my other blog about D’Erin’s wedding. Much like my attempt to find the church, the tights were an utter failure. Luckily I had already picked these tights out for my parents to give me for Christmas. I really like them, but unfortunately I bought a size too small and so they are a weeee bit snug.
I am obsessed with this dress. I love the silhouette, and I love the sheer, full sleeves with the tight cuffs. It feels very elegant, and I thought it was the perfect LBD. And, as far as I can tell, it is identical to the pink dress I loved so much on Pinterest.
I’ve actually had this necklace on the blog before; it was a gift from my friend Lyssa the Christmas before last, and it’s still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I’ve ever received. I love the mix of colors and the flow of the necklace, they look like little leaves or feathers. I
have mentioned before my struggles with wearing high heels, and so I always have wedges when I have to actually dress up. I loved the color and the style of these, and I had actually planned to wear them for my graduation. However, that did not end up working out because I did not want to break my ankle at graduation. I’ve been wanting an opportunity to wear them again, and I think they were the perfect complement to this look. Unfortunately, I am apparently just as bad at wedges as I am at high heels, and by the end of the night I had to take my shoes off because I literally was unable to walk my feet hurt so bad. This resulted in me walking through downtown Oklahoma City in just tights haha.
The only thing left that I needed to complete this outfit were some big, dramatic gold earrings. A couple days before the wedding, I was laying in bed trying to think of what I could wear, and worrying about how I was going to find some gold earrings. The next day I met up with my best friend Skye to exchange Christmas presents, and what did I find in my bag put these gorgeous golden earrings. Skye provided the exact finishing touch I needed to bring this whole outfit together. I felt very fancy and grownup, and I had a lovely time at the reception.
D’Erin looked absolutely stunning and I am so incredibly happy for her and her new husband. Our shoes actually ended up being the same color, which made my heart happy 🙂 As always, I hope you love my outfit as much as I do!


Back in Black


Greetings, Dear Readers!
I apologize for my brief pause in the promised stream of new outfits, but I have been rather busy lately with gift shopping and Christmas parties and birthdays (I’m pretty sure I’ve been more busy in the month of December than I had been the entire rest of the year). Today’s outfit comes from a very special occasion– my big sister, Rachel, graduated college for the second time! She is five years older than me and graduated college for the first time the same year that I graduated high school. After taking a few years to finally figure out what she really wanted to do, she returned to school at my college when I was junior to get her second degree in Early Childhood Education.
The first time, Rae had a full ride and admittedly did not have to work TOO hard to graduate with honors. This second time around, I have watched her work herself nearly to death in order to pay to put herself through school, as well as completing an incredibly stressful, excessively rigorous set of classes, and in the process I saw her find her purpose in life. She also managed to graduate Summa Cum Laude, which I’m not sure I could have done myself if I’d had to go through the same program she did! It was incredibly inspiring, and I am so proud of her I could just spit. My outfit is what I wore to her graduation.

Here is my designer look:

lbd graduation

Ted Baker Skater Dress: $248
Chinese Laundry Newbie Boots: $55 at Macy’s
Sperry Topsider Twister Leather Belt: $48
(Cutler and Gross Tortoiseshell Glasses: $416– I’m not including these in the price because everyone doesn’t wear glasses of course)
Outfit total: $351

My bargain copycat look:


Black pleated front dress: Daisy Exchange (originally Target), $4.50
Black leggings: Target, $4
Braided caramel belt: $1.80
Cognac riding boots: Kohl’s, Christmas gift (around $40)
(Geek tortoiseshell glasses: Eyemart Express, from my parents, around $60, which I’m not including, because, you know)
Outfit total: $10.30 ($50.30)

This is one of my favorite nice dresses that I own, and it was an absolute steal. It was missing a belt at the resale shop and was on the clearance rack. I almost didn’t pick it up because it was an XS and rarely does my chest fit into anything of that size. But it was so cheap and it looked like it had the potential to be a great dress, so I gave it a shot. Luckily it fit, but without a belt it looked weird–too long and kind of saggy. It just so happened that I was wearing a belt that day, and so I decided to give it a try and voila- I had found a perfect little black dress.
I kept this look very simple, just matching my boots and belt but sticking with plain black leggings (it was cold!). I think the dress is so great that it doesn’t need to be dressed up too much.
It just so happens that this is the dress I wore to my papa’s funeral, and in a strange way I liked the idea of wearing it to my sister’s graduation because it felt like I was bringing him with us (oh god was that too strange? Do you all think I’m a total freak now? Please don’t judge me if that was TMI and creepy).
Here’s some cute pictures of us at the graduation to distract you:

Note my daddy looking thrilled in the back

Note my daddy looking thrilled in the back

Me with my nana and Rachel!

Me with my nana and Rachel!


It was so bizarre to be back at my college, only this time it was my sister graduating instead of me! If you want, feel free to check out the post I did for my outfit for my own graduation— I apparently have a thing for black dresses at graduations. If you want to get an idea of what my college is like, just listen to this: the ceremony started with a trombone solo, mentioned porn in the address speech, featured one graduate proposing to another, and ended with someone playing Trans Siberian Orchestra. That pretty much sums up my school right there hahaha.
I have one more outfit still lined up that I’ll be trying to post before Christmas, and then I should have my outfit from Christmas on here sometime by the end of the week… but of course, you never know with this blog.


PS For your enjoyment, here’s one of the rejected pictures from the photo session for today’s post wherein my mom caught me yelling at my cats for doing something they shouldn’t be– it’s a glamorous life I lead, guys.


Really Love Your Peaches, Wanna Shake Your Tree


Hello, dear friends!
I’m back, just as I promised I would be (I bet you guys didn’t believe me, did you… shame on you!). Today’s post is an outfit I wore to one of my dear friend’s presentation of her senior project. She created an entire magazine and then hung enlarged photos of each page in the gallery at our college. 
I met Lauren as a freshman, about a month into school, in our Rhetoric and Public Speaking class, and we bonded over our mutual interest in soccer and foreign boys 😉 hahaha
She has been my friend ever since, through four and a half years of enormous life change, and her presentation was the culmination of an immense amount of work and dedication. She is honestly one of the most talented photographers I have ever seen in my life, and she took my two favorite photos of me 🙂

Here’s the expensive look, which I already previewed here with a Polyvore post:

Dorothy Perkins sleeved lace skater dress: $35
Modcloth Steps in the Right Direction tights: $20
ASOS Casper Knee High Boots: $82
Macy’s City Cocktail Ring: $25
Macy’s Charter Club Earrings: $9.60
Outfit total: $171. 60

Now my copycat bargain outfit:


blog peach lace

Notice the little cat paw to the left there.

Notice the little cat paw to the left there.

Peach lace top dress: Daisy Exchange (originally One Clothing), $8.50
Thin black belt: came with another dress
Gray fair isle print sweater tights: Kohl’s, Christmas present (around $6.50)
Black tall boots: Factory Connection, $10
Pearl ring: State Fair booth, $5
Pearl clips: Claire’s, gift (approx $3.50)
Outfit total: $24.50

Even counting my things that were gifts, I’m STILL under budget! BOOM BABY! I wanted to wear something nice, because it was a gallery opening and I knew Lauren would be dressing amazing (I envy her sense of style sooooo much, I wish I could dress as well as she does!), but it was also cold out, so I knew I wanted to wear leggings or tights. I wouldn’t normally think to pair peach with grey, but since I only had one pair of sweater tights in one color, I tried it out and ended up liking it!
I love to wear boots with dresses, because you can take a dress that is a little bit nicer and dress it down with boots while still looking very put together. I thought all in all it was a cute and quirky look that I really surprised myself by loving.
I’m very into lace lately, and I just fell in love with this dress. Peach or coral or pink tones are not always my best colors, but I just loved this dress so much that I got it anyway. I love the way it fits my body and I feel so pretty in it!
I’m going to finish with a picture of me and the gorgeous Lauren, who I already know is going to be famous someday– she’s just too talented not to! So watch out for her, readers! As always, I hope you love my outfit as much as I did 🙂


See what I mean about Lauren’s style? I could never pull off a floral crown, but Lauren looks like a queen in it.


And I Want to Thank You For Giving Me the Best Day of My Life


Hiiii, everyone.
So. I was doing so well, I know. I had published three posts in two weeks! That was impressive for me. I dutifully continued the trend, and took a picture of my outfit for Thanksgiving, all overflowing with blogging excitement.
Then, the evening after Thanksgiving, the youngest of my four dogs suddenly collapsed. By the next morning, he was gone– my sweet, precious Cash died in my lap.

You all might remember that in September, my beloved 16 year old cat Boo passed away, and I was devastated. I didn’t post on either of my blogs for weeks because I didn’t have words to say. It was only after a few months had passed that I could even talk about him without tearing up, and I felt like I was finally becoming able to remember the joy and happiness he gave me instead of the agony of his death.
Sometimes it seems like when the world finally starts to settle down, it decides it needs to completely upend you. I won’t go into detail about his loss here, but you can read about it on my other blog if you’d like. Suffice to say, I just didn’t feel like taking pictures of my clothes for awhile. But Cashy was the happiest, most energetic dog, and I can’t imagine him wanting us unhappy, so finally I began photographing some outfits. In fact, I went on a spree– so besides the Thanksgiving outfit I’m posting today, I have THREE more already uploaded to the computer and waiting for you all. GET. EXCITED…. At least, I hope you are 🙂

Here is the more expensive look I created with designer pieces from Polyvore:
Harker Canyon Printed Tunic Dress: $47
Transparenze Paige Lace Leggings: $22
Timeless Marsilia Brown Riding Boot: $73
Debenham’s Designer Watch: $92
Oliver Bonas Classic Pearl Earrings: $23
Leather headband: Forever 21, $3.50
Outfit total: $260.50

Here’s my copycat look:



thanksgiving outfit

Tribal front black shift dress: Daisy Exchange, $8.50
Cream leggings: Wall’s, $3
Dana Buchman cognac riding boots: Kohl’s, Christmas gift (approx. $40)
Braided leather headband: handmade by me
Fossil tortoiseshell watch: Ross, graduation gift (approx. $40)
Pearl clip earrings: Claire’s, birthday gift (approx $3.50)
Outfit total: $11.50 ($95)

Thanksgiving is a day of feasting for me, and I take it very seriously. So I decided to go with comfy leggings and a very loose dress which would NOT push on my stomach (priorities). Both the print and the color palette seemed very reminiscent of fall so it just seemed perfect. I’ve had these white leggings for a couple of years and never, ever worn them because I’ve come to the conclusion that vaguely see-through white leggings don’t look good on anyone. Luckily this dress is very long and my boots very tall, so I had a way to keep my legs warm and match my outfit without showing off too much of a bad thing haha.
I’ve decided that if I’m going to be doing comparison outfits from more expensive pieces, I should at least give you all a clue of how much the expensive staple pieces I always use on this blog are, even if I didn’t have to pay for them. One of my favorite fashion tips– if you can’t afford something you really, really want, like nice boots or an expensive watch, holidays and birthdays are great times to ask for them so you can have a few investment pieces to supplement all your bargain buys! I knew the actual overall price of my outfit is terribly expensive, but it’s still more than $150 cheaper than the designer one!
One final note– I’ve created an account on Polyvore (which I’d LOVE if you would follow me on) to make my designer outfits, and for some reason it has linked itself to this blog, and publishes a post every time I make an outfit. And, because I am an old woman, I have no idea how to make it stop doing this. So you will be getting little teasers or just whimsical outfits I’ve made on Polyvore as posts on this blog until I figure out how to stop it haha.
I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving, and that you love my outfit! And please stay tuned because I’ve got three more outfits coming your way!


Loosen Up My Buttons Babe


Hello Readers!
I’m back again, and without the month long gap in between. I hope you’re impressed…and that you’re doubly impressed when I tell you I have two outfits all queued up for you. But you only get one today– gotta make these things last!
Today’s outfit is from a couple days ago when I just went out for errands and to eat, so it’s casual and comfy.

Gray cotton dress: Ross, $10
Navy button up shirt: Daisy Exchange, $8
Leopard scarf: (from Spain!!) souvenir from my friend Brenna
Cognac riding boots: Kohl’s, Christmas gift
Pearl earrings: Claire’s, birthday gift
Fossil watch: Ross, graduation gift
Outfit total: $18

This outfit is just something I threw together kind of last minute. We’ve been having unseasonably warm weather for November in Oklahoma, so I wanted to take advantage of a beautiful day and wear a dress without needing leggings or tights. It was still a bit windy, so I paired it with my favorite scarf and added a long sleeve shirt. I love the button up shirt over a dress look, and you’ll definitely be seeing that from me again.
I got this navy button up for really cheap from Daisy Exchange, and I love it. It looks really nice, but it’s still very soft and not too tight across the bust like a lot of button ups I try on. I’ve worn it with a ton of other stuff but just never managed to get it on the blog until now.
And of course, it wouldn’t be a fall outfit post on my blog unless I added my favorite Dana Buchman boots, a Christmas gift from my lovely parents last year.
Hope you like my outfit, and stay tuned for another one coming very soon, where I will be trying something a little different…