Pumped Up Kicks


Hi everyone!
I’m really excited about today’s post, it’s a little different than anything else I’ve posted on here before and I think it’s fabulous. I also have a lot of pictures as well. Today was my mom’s birthday, and we went out to dinner at TGI Friday’s:
 IMG_8252IMG_8255IMG_8256IMG_8257Striped dress: Forever 21, $7
Red cardigan: local thrift store, $0.50
Navy tights: Target, $5
Red Converse high tops: Ross, $7.50
Gold heart locket: Christmas gift
Leopard ring: gift
Gold knot ring: antique mall, $3
Outfit total: $23.00

So what do you think? I just wanted to keep wearing this because I felt pretty cool in it haha. I’ve had those Converse for literally years, but I NEVER wore them. I was just never sure how to wear high tops, they always looked dumb to me no matter what I put them with. But when I was a junior, I got a new roommate who had a pair of high tops that she absolutely rocked by folding them down. By that point I’d forgotten I even had the high tops because they were thrown back in the dark depths of my closet at home. This year I stumbled across them and began trying to play around with ways to wear them but still struggled. Finally, I just picked a way and went with it, and I actually ended up loving it. Now I keep trying to wear them with everything.
As for the rest, I actually just pretty much threw this outfit together. The dress is my sister’s, ¬†and she uses it to cover up the light from her clock at night haha I just decided to try it on. Every weekend when I come home from school, I just bring a few major things home like a few pairs of shoes and pants. I just happened to be wearing those tights when I came home, so I had them when I normally wouldn’t. The cardigan, which I hope you noted was FIFTY CENTS, was one I found a few years ago at a thrift store. My sister had been looking for a red cardigan, and at fifty cents I thought it was worth it to buy it and bring it home to see if she liked it or not. It turned out to be one we both loved.
My jewelry is familiar if you’ve seen many of my outfits, because I wear my heart necklace all time. I’ve also worn the leopard ring before; it was a gift from my amazing friend Morgan and I love it. You may have noticed I was wearing another much smaller ring on my other hand, here’s a closer picture of it and my other jewlery:
IMG_8253I have a confession to make: I’ve been being a little dishonest while I’ve been doing this blog. I’ve never shown this ring before in a post, but I wear it every single day, all the time. It’s just so small and thin that it never really shows up in pictures. But here it is now, in all its glory. It’s really strange to me, because I got this a couple of years ago on Spring Break in an antique mall in Jefferson, Texas. It’s vintage and handmade, and it was only three dollars. I loved how small and delicate it was, and I’ve always loved knotwork rings, so I simply had to have it. Suddenly, fairly recently, it seems like the infinity symbol has become hugely popular and I’ve seen rings similar or just like this all over Pinterest and the internet for really expensive. I was just grateful to get mine so cheaply, and it’s got all the character of a handmade, vintage ring. I actually see it as a sort of promise ring to myself, that I’ll always remember to believe in a love that lasts forever. I used to wear it on my ring finger, but it’s just the slightest bit too big. After it came off in a glove that I actually threw into the trash at the daycare where I work, I decided it had to move onto my (fatter) middle finger, where it’s been ever since.
So that is my outfit for today! I hope you love it as much as I do. It felt fun, young, and a little bit more flirtatious, while still being stylish. I really loved the pairing of a dress with high top sneakers, while the cardigan added a touch of sophistication that kept it from becoming a little too sexy for this easily flustered girl!
Also, notice I tried something different with my hair. I got it cut recently and added some layers after I-don’t-know-how-long. Today I tried straightening it, even though I think my hair looks much better curled, and made a braid headband. BOOM. Faaaaancy.


PS Today’s post title comes from the song of the same name by Foster the People.