Affair of the Heart


Hello Dear Readers,
I am running a bit late with this post because I’ve had the pictures for awhile. My outfit for today comes from one of the things I love most in life- The Great State Fair of Oklahoma. Every September, we off-road it in sketchy mudpits that briefly become parking lots, hike over overgrown lots and gravel roads to pay way too much money to get in, and spend a short, magical period of time lost in a wonderland of fried or bacon flavored everything (this year Fried Kool-Aid and Bacon Cinnamon Rolls were some quality options), screaming machines and howling carnies, displays and shopping of every imaginable kind, and the most bewildering assortment of people you’ll ever see. It is seriously heaven. For my outfit, it was still warm this September when the fair rolled around but I also wanted to protect my feet from the mystery puddles and quicksand pits that periodically spring up at the fair. This was the result:
Black sheath dress: Daisy Exchange, $5
Caramel braided belt: local thrift store, $1.80
Caramel braided headband: handmade by me
Leopard bracelet: Cato clearance, $1.50
Knee boots: my roommate’s*
Outfit total: $8.10*

*Okay, so I cheated a little bit again. These boots, which are my roommate Katelyn’s, are probably really, really expensive. She’s not sure how much because they were a Christmas present, but let me just tell you, you can tell sometimes when something is really expensive. These are. I LUST after these boots, and Katelyn angelically indulges my constant requests to wear them. However, these are most definitely not the boots I wore to the fair, because I’d never be so sacrilegious as to ruin boots that magical by wearing them to the fair. So, this is actually what my outfit looked like:
Brown riding boots: Ebay, $9.89
Other stuff: same as above
Real outfit total: $17.99

I do apologize, but I just love Kate’s boots so much that I could not resist showing you them. And, really, doesn’t it count as them being free since I borrowed them? As for my boots, I was very excited to get them for under $10 with shipping, but as I mentioned before, you can tell these are not really, really expensive boots. They’re not even expensive; much less really, really so. However, I thought they looked okay and they certainly withstood the fair really well.
About my dress, I admit that I absolutely adore it. It’s so simple and yet I just fell in love, especially with the criss-cross back (as you might be able to tell since I made my mother take a picture of it). It felt hippie-ish to me, so I paired it with my ever present favorite belt (Spoiler: that belt is in my next outfit post, which I already have the pictures waiting for) and one of my proudest accomplishments, the headband I made basically to match that exact belt. I have a close-up picture of it from this outfit, but considering my hair looks like a drunk person tried to make an Adele poof and failed miserably in these pictures, I’m going to save showing it closely to you guys  for my next post (yep, it’s in the next post, too). I also threw on my leopard bracelet just for a touch of print to draw it together. And this is my interpretation of fair chic.
My next post will hopefully be up within the next week, because I took pictures of the outfit I wore tonight to dinner with some good friends. Maybe if you guys leave me some comments, I’ll post sooner 🙂
One more note, I made a Twitter for this page, so please follow me @storybooksara and retweet my outfits, I’m really trying to get this blog out there (big surprise). I am also thinking about making a Facebook page for my stuff, but right now I’m still afraid that’s too pretentious haha.
Now, for my random tangent away from fashion, which I have a bad feeling is going to become a regular thing at the end of my posts:
The English soccer team I avidly support beat one of the giants of the league, Manchester United (19 championships and counting), for the first time at Man U’s stadium, Old Trafford, for the first time in 23 years. So whether you know nothing of soccer, or you’re completely obsessed like I am, give a shout out to my Tottenham Hotspur for a historic win. COYS!!!!!
And, now for my Peeta/Josh Hutcherson pin.

Peeta/ Josh Hutcherson: One of the few things I love more than Katelyn’s boots.