Take It Easy


Hi everyone!
Sorry I took a bit of a break on here, I posted the designer outfit for today’s post a while ago and meant to follow with this post right after, but I got busy substitute teaching for the first time– a disastrous experience you can read all about on my other blog if you’d like.
A winter storm just hit Oklahoma yesterday, and this outfit is from a week or so ago in sunnier times, so I’m looking back on it longingly. It is currently snowy and freezing outside right now.

Here is my designer outfit:
sleeveless blouse designer

Vero Moda Newly Diamond Sleeveless Shirt: $34
Madewell Knit Leggings: $35
Ked’s Champion Original Sneakers: $40
Namrata Joshipura Sequined Pattered Turban Headband: $28
(I’m not including the ring or earrings since I didn’t put my own ring or earrings in my copycat price)
Outfit total: $137

My copycat outfit:


White sleeveless blouse: Old Navy, $4.50
Black leggings: Target, $4
Navy imitation Keds: Target, $9
Blue headband: soccer store, $4 for a roll
Outfit total: $21.50

I wore this out to dinner at TGI Friday’s with my family– where I was offered a kid’s menu 😡 I ordered myself a nice big drink to make myself feel better haha. I love this outfit because it is so casual and comfortable. I’m really into the sleeveless blouse trend that I’ve been starting to see on the internet, and so I was crazy excited when I found this blouse on clearance at Old Navy for so little. I can imagine wearing this in the summer with shorts or a skirt and staying cool while still having an easy elegance.
Some days, you just don’t feel like wearing real pants, and since I graduated and haven’t been able to find a job, those days have become pretty much every day. Another thing I love about this blouse is that it is long enough to pair with leggings without feeling like my business is all hanging out.
I paired it with my fake navy Keds from Target to keep it really laidback, and I added the braided pigtails with a headband because I thought it was casual but cute. The stuff my headband is made of is actually called prewrap, and if you don’t know it’s like this very thin, stretchy foam-like material that people generally use to wrap injuries in sports (ie sprained ankles, etc.). In soccer, however, we have long used it to keep our hair out of our face while playing, and it makes for a great headband. I liked that it gave it just the littlest bit of a sporty vibe.
And, of course, I added my pearl earrings, just to bring it all together.

So there you have it, my casual and easy look for a weekend night out to dinner. Expect to see this shirt again come summer 😉 As always, I hope you love my outfit as much as I do!


PS As so often happens, while trying to take pictures of this outfit one of my cats decided to wander in and photobomb me, and I thought I’d share it with you:

Thanks, Gustav.

Thanks, Gustav.



Brush Your Shoulders Off

Brush Your Shoulders Off

Vero Moda shirts top
$34 – veromoda.com

Keds sneaker

Fake pearl jewelry

Blue jewelry

Bottoms Up


Hi guys!
It’s time for my first outfit post as a COLLEGE GRADUATE. Oooooh. I wore this outfit out tonight to eat dinner with one of my best friends, Richie. He’s from Ireland but goes to school here in Oklahoma. On Monday he goes back home for the summer, so we decided to have dinner at an Irish pub, as has become our tradition. One of my much earlier outfit posts was from when we went to the same pub, so feel free to check it out as well. But now, here is my look from tonight:

IMG_8686IMG_8698Blue and white striped tee: Daisy Exchange (originally Forever 21 Men), $6.50
Red pants: Daisy Exchange (originally New York and Co.), $6.50
Navy canvas shoes: Target, $9
Gold key necklace: Forever 21, $2.50
Ruby and diamond screw-back earrings: antique store, gift from my mom ($6.50)
Outfit total: $24.50 (or $31 with the earrings)

So I’ve really been into a red, white, and blue color palette lately, I know, but I just bought this outfit today so I really wanted to share it with you. I went to lunch with my amazing friend Tiffany today, and we went to Daisy Exchange after. I limited myself to just buying these pants and the shirt, along with one other shirt (for $3.50! It will end up in this blog, I promise). I simply couldn’t turn down the pants, I love the bright pop of red and I think they’ll be a wonderful accent piece to pair with so much stuff. I was so excited that they fit AND that they were so cheap. They were the star of this outfit for me, and they’ll probably show up again pretty soon haha.
The shirt is actually labeled as Forever 21 Men’s, but I loved the looser fit and the v-neck. I paired it with my navy fake Keds for a casual look that I thought was appropriate to a pub, but I put my hair up to show off the absolutely amazing earrings I got from an antique store when we went out of town this weekend for my dad’s birthday to give it a feminine touch. My mom was incredibly nice and bought them for me, so I thought I could get away with adding them in here 🙂 They’re very vintage and have the classic screw-back. It’s the first pair of screw-back earrings I’ve ever worn, so I took a couple of tries to get them up on properly.
I finished the look off with a simple gold key necklace to tie everything in. I really love the key necklace (I bought one in silver, too, because they were only $2.50), it’s a medium length that goes well with tons of different necklines and it also is simple enough to pair with most outfits for a pretty touch. 

So that’s my look, hope you like it! And you should check out the interesting experience I had on the trip where I purchased the earrings over on my other blog, it was pretty crazy!


PS My title comes from the well-known phrase, which I thought worked perfectly both because I wore this to the pub and because I am so excited about my new red pants!

J’Ador, Mon Amour


Hi everyone!
I’m excited to have an outfit to post for you all! I’ve really been enjoying writing on my other blog, and I so hope you’ve been following and enjoying it as well. But it’s nice to get back here and share a good bargain with you guys! My outfit today is one I just wore for class and out to go thrifting (and that is foreshadowing, because I’ve got a purchase to show you). Here it is:
mon amour“Mon Amour” top: Forever 21, $11
Navy shorts: Old Navy, $7
Navy canvas shoes: Target, $9
Silver heart necklace: Forever 21, gift (but I think around $3-4)
Outfit total: $27 (or $30 if you include the necklace)

I apologize for being a couple dollars over! I paid a little bit more for a top than I’m usually willing to, but it’s just because this is one of my favorite shirts I’ve ever bought. I love absolutely everything about it; color scheme, the stripes, the whimsical print, the “my love” in French (sorry that it’s backwards to you all). It’s also baggy enough that I can wear it on a fat day as easily as a feel-good one. It also works with almost any bottom I pair with it, from skirts to skinny jeans to leggings. And, as you can see, with shorts. That’s right, shorts. Because Oklahoma weather is so insane, I can wear shorts in January. (Fun fact: I wore this outfit on Monday, and then this morning, we were in a tornado watch. Wow, Oklahoma.)
I love these shorts, too, they’re one of my most utilized. Navy pairs well with tons of different colors, and these shorts are longer and looser so that they are more appropriate for a greater variety of places.
I wore these shoes in my very first post when I was on vacation in St. Louis. I actually haven’t really been able to wear them much since another post I did, the one of my museum outfit, because, while we were on that vacation, we went to a cave (a very common leisure activity for my family), and they got soaked and the plastic sole of one of them split. It was only recently that I found some shoe glue and fixed them. Fashion tip: don’t wear canvas shoes in a cave. The cave doesn’t care how cute they look with your outfit.
Finally, my necklace. It was a gift for my birthday one year, and like my bronze heart necklace, it is one of the ones I wear the most. I love hearts, and I love that it’s a longer necklace. I think they’re easier to wear than short necklaces. And, of course, I felt that a heart necklace was the perfect accessory to a shirt that says “Mon Amour.”
Now, as I mentioned, I wore this to go to a thrift store (making me feel like a huge loser, this picture was taken in the mirror of the thrift store bathroom/dressing room, since it’s the same thing). As I am incredibly poor, I haven’t been shopping in ages. But, at this thrift store the last time I went, I got boots, a shirt, three belts, a necklace, and the sweater I wore for Christmas for eleven dollars. I had high hopes I could find something inexpensive. And, indeed, I found this cute shirt for astonishingly cheap:
 This nautical-inspired shirt with the cute navy monogram was mine for the price offfff….. 91 cents. That’s right. NINETY-ONE CENTS. I paid not even a dollar for it. I hope that you all are suitably impressed.
Anyway, that’s all for this post! I hope you guys will check out my other blog, and share this one as well!