Green with Envy


Hello everyone!
I apologize because it’s been so long, but May has been a very busy month for me. I am going to make up for it, though, because I have three outfits coming your way.   First up, today’s look is formal because I wore it to my wonderful friend Kady’s wedding:
IMG_8743IMG_8748IMG_8746Emerald dress: Old Navy, $13
Tan platform sandals: Target, $8
Key necklace: Forever 21, $2.50
Heart necklace: Gift
Leopard ring: Gift
Outfit total: $23.50

I have had this dress for two years, and I have just never found much of an opportunity to wear it. It’s just dressy enough that it seems a little formal for every day, and I have a bad tendency to always want to go out and buy a new dress instead of wearing ones I already own when I have a formal event to go to. But I adore this dress; I got it when it finally went on clearance at Old Navy after I had longingly coveted it at regular price for months. I think it was originally around $35, and I almost cried when it finally was cheap enough that I could afford it.
Green is far and away my best color (in my opinion) because it makes my generally murky hazel eyes actually pop. I love the silky-looking material and the high-necked, high-waisted style, it feels vintage to me. I also find it very flattering to my shape, as well as being terribly comfortable.
Everything else I’m wearing has appeared in the blog before. These are my go-to high heel shoes because they are the only ones I can wear longer than thirty minutes. Being a neutral color, they are also easy to match with a lot of things.
My heart necklace you probably have seen if you have looked at my blog at all, and my key one was newly introduced last post. Now, I generally don’t like the double necklace look and I don’t know that I have actually worn it as an adult. But I decided on a bit of a whim to do so because the dress was so simple that I felt it wouldn’t be too much if I wore the two together. I also loved the idea of a heart and a key to wear to a wedding 🙂
Finally, I paired it with my leopard ring for a bit of a pattern. I started out wearing some dangly leopard clip-on earrings to match, but you couldn’t really even see them around my wild hair and they also started hurting my ears so I took them off haha. And so I didn’t include them here, but I bet they’ll come up again.
And so that’s my wedding outfit! Just a special congratulations to Kady and Matt Blair; I went to high school with both of them and I have rarely seen a couple more perfectly matched for each other. They both are sweet, wonderful people and I was so honored to be a part of their special day! I actually caught the bouquet and got to take a picture with the lovely bride, which was just the best 🙂
In other news, I took a trip this weekend for Memorial Day and I have a double header coming at you guys soon. Also, I’m hopeful that pretty soon I’ll have a special post coming to you guys from a guest blogger, so stay tuned!


PS My post title describes how I felt about Kady’s beautiful wedding!