The Woods are Lovely, Dark, and Deep


Hi again everyone!
I’m just rolling with these posts, it’s crazy. I already have the pictures for my NEXT post, in fact. I hope you all are as excited as I am!
These pictures from today are the look of disappointment. I planned to be wearing a huge sweater with giant sweatpants and snow boots, because last Monday when I wore this WE WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE A BLIZZARD. But only a part of the state got it, and we didn’t even have snow left on the ground the following morning. You can read about my irritation with this on my other blog.
My outfit for today, as I mentioned in my last post, is very different from most of the stuff I post on here. I generally tend to wear more feminine clothes, with a plethora of dresses. Today’s outfit is in a completely different vein:

DSCN1331DSCN1363Hunter green v-neck: free from a friend
Skinny leg blue jeans: American Eagle, $17
Brown lace up boots: Ebay (originally Bonnibel), $7.49
Leopard scarf: gift from a friend
Outfit total: $24.49

I like to think of this as my outdoorsman outfit. I feel slightly like a hipster about to go on a hike through the woods while wearing it. It’s definitely a more masculine look than I generally tend towards.
The shirt I’m wearing is possibly my favorite shirt. I think green, especially a darker green like this, is the color I look the best in. It’s also incredibly comfortable, can be paired with a variety of different things, and dressed up or down. Also, best of all, I got it for free. I attend a school that is awash in foreign students, especially on our soccer team. I was at a going away party for a Scottish boy who had graduated, and someone pointed out to me a tablefull of clothes he was just giving away to whoever wanted them because he didn’t want to try and take everything back home to Scotland. I leaped upon this shirt, and I also got a few other things I really love (I’m wearing a really comfortable pullover I got from him as I type). So, the moral of this anecdote is make sure you attend going away parties of foreign people, because they might be randomly giving their clothes away.
The jeans I’m wearing are my favorite pair of blue jeans, and I wear them more than anything except my black skinny jeans from Forever 21. I’ve always been the type to skimp on jeans purchases, and I always end up getting really cheap ones from Old Navy or the thrift store or Ross that aren’t always the best quality and don’t really fit that well. I am one of those people with an awkward shape that never seems to appropriately fit into jeans. Either they’re the right length but don’t fit in the waist, or they fit in the waist and are way too long. It’s very frustrating, so it never seemed worth it to buy expensive jeans. But a few months ago I just happened to be in American Eagle during a big sale, with my sister also having a coupon. I also had just got paid ( a dangerous state to go shopping in). I tried on a pair of lighter wash skinny jeans and a pair of dark wash boot cut jeans, and THEY FIT. I was beyond excited. They were on sale for cheap, and they were also much more well made than any other jeans I’d had before. I bought them both, and have never regretted it. Another reiteration of a lesson I’ve learned: sometimes if you pay a little more, it’s totally worth. Luckily I still didn’t pay that much for these jeans!
As for my boots, I got them from Ebay last May, one of my first Ebay purchases. They were so cheap and I thought they were fabulous (even though my sister thinks they are hideous). But I was once told by an English guy that they were “sick” and I completely agree. I love the trend towards masculine, heavy duty boots for women, and I think these echo that while still staying feminine enough not to overwhelm me. I pretend the bleach spots on it are artistic and they came like that, but honestly you are looking at the consequences of working at a daycare. I mopped with bleach while wearing these, and paid the price.
My scarf you’ve seen before; it’s a gift from one of my oldest, dearest friends Brenna that she got for me in Europe (SO COOL GUYS). I like to wear it with my green shirt, especially, because it’s my two free gifts from foreign lands. It’s by far my favorite scarf, and I really do wear it all the time. It’s perfect due to my love affair with leopard. You’ve also seen my glasses before, and I promised you all I would give you a better look at them than the last time, so here’s a poor quality, but close-up shot of me wearing them, as well as a stock photo of them online:

DSCN1339geek glassesThey’re Geek Eyewear brand, as you can see, and a tortoiseshell print. I’m kind of in love with them, because I love tortoiseshell print AND cat eye glasses, so it’s a perfect combination. The frames were also really cheap.
So there you have it, my hipster hiker look. Hope you love it, and look for a complete change in my upcoming post, which features (shockingly) a dress.