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So apparently the last time I posted was June 27, 2014.

Geez, there’s really no excuse for that kind of gap. I just got lazy, guys, that’s the sad truth. But I’ve got a few posts saved up, and I’m going to post those, and then I’ll TRY to get back to my poor, long neglected blog!

Today’s outfit comes from waaay back in June, when the sister of my very first best friend got married. Ironically, it was at the same place as the outfit from my last post, which was from another of my friend’s weddings! So many weddings in 2014, guys.

Here is my designer comparison outfit:

maxi dress compare

Abi Colorblock Maxi Dress by Market and Spruce: $88
Call it Spring Aralian Wedges: $55
ModCloth Nautical Nostalgic Navigation Necklace: $10
Charter Club Simulated Pearl Stud: $17
Outfit total: $170

My copycat bargain outfit:


Colorblock dress: Ross, $12
Turquoise peep toe wedges: Cato, $3.99
Bronze heart necklace: Body Central, $1
Pearl clips: Claire’s, birthday present
Outfit total: $17

I loved the fun, bright colors of this outfit and it was cool and comfortable for an outdoor summer wedding. The pop of the turquoise and the navy against the white really helped the color block of this dress to stand out. I tried to keep my jewelry simple so the dress would be the focal point, and I think a heart necklace is always perfect for a wedding 🙂

It’s always exciting to find a maxi dress that’s the correct length for my short self. This one was just a touch to long, but with my little wedges it ended up perfect–thankfully they matched perfectly!

Again, I know it’s been a ridiculous amount of time since I’ve been posting on this blog, but I promise I’ll try to get back into the swing of things!

Thank you for sticking me with, you guys are the best!



As always, I like to include it when I get a funny behind the scenes picture, and those usually include me getting photobombed by a cat. My boy Gustav was for some reason VERY interested when we were taking these outfit pictures, so I’ll include a couple with him 🙂



What are you even doing?

What are you even doing?


I’m Feelin’ Twenty-Two


Well, hello there.
Guess what?
You are now reading the words of a certified, official twenty-two year old. That’s right, guys. I’m old now. That means I’m wise, and you should listen to me. Translation: you should read my blog alllll the time!
Now, I planned to give you guys two posts for turning the ol’ two-two. But. For the past month I unfortunately have been having problems where I get sick every time I eat. It’s been especially bad this past week, and during dinner with my family on my birthday, I got really, really ill and just didn’t exactly feel up to taking pictures of my eveningwear. But, lucky for you, I felt fine during the day and got a picture of what I wore out to lunch and shopping with my dad.

Geometric pattern maxi dress: Daisy Exchange, $6
Bronze gladiator sandals: Walmart, $7
Bronze heart necklace: Body Central, $1
Pearl clip earrings: Claire’s, BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!
Outfit total: $14

I took advantage of it being my special day to borrow this maxi dress from my sister since she couldn’t say no! She just got it very recently, and I’ve been drooling over it because I love it so much. It’s very comfortable and casual while still being elegant, and I felt gorgeous the whole day. I wore my favorite necklace and sandals, as you all will be well familiar with if you are regular visitors to my blog, and I finished with my pearl earrings that my dad got me for my birthday.
I have been absolutely dying to have some pearl and some diamond clips since I lost both my pairs I had 😦 but lo and behold, Claire’s had a pack of clip earrings that included both and my lovely father actually came into Claire’s and bought them for me, though I could tell he was uncomfortable in such a place haha. And of course, I added my watch that I got as a graduation present as a final touch, but since it was a gift, that means I don’t have to include it, right? 😉
Hope you all love my birthday outfit, I felt both grown-up but still young in it, and it was the perfect outfit to celebrate my day in!


PS Though I think Taylor Swift needs to start singing some age appropriate songs, I couldn’t deny that her song was the undeniably perfect title for my 22nd birthday post!

You Make It Easy, Easy, Easy to Get Away


Heyyy, everybody.
So. I know it’s been ages and I have been neglecting this blog shamefully, but I have been crazy busy. Also, in the summer in Oklahoma I tend to spend most of my time lounging indoors instead of dressing up and going out, so I haven’t had too many outfits that would even be worth posting. Today, however, I finally roused myself, made an effort, and actually took some pictures for you.
20130809_17205620130809_174947Floral print maxi dress: Ross, $10
Black gladiator sandals: Walmart, $8
Silver headband: Forever 21, $1.50
Silver dangle clips: Claire’s, gift
Fossil watch: Ross, gift
Outfit total: $19.50

Ah, summer, the optimal time for maxi dresses. I only have one other maxi dress (which I have featured on this blog before) and I have been looking for another cute, easy one to wear this summer for ages. I found this a few weeks ago, and instantly fell in love with the print. Red is my favorite color, and I love it paired with black and white. There’s hints of other colors in it as well, like gray and purple. It makes for a very easy to accessorize dress! It’s also convenient because it has built-in padding and you don’t even have to wear a bra. Slightly scandalous, perhaps, but it makes the dress so easy to just throw on.
Today I went for a slightly boho look, with the silver headband and my dangly silver earrings with the leaves and flowers. I paired it with my black gladiator sandals for the finishing touch on a simple, summery look.
As for my watch, technically it qualifies because it was a gift, but I must be honest that it was more expensive than my entire outfit budget! It was a graduation gift from my parents, and I absolutely love it. Sadly, I have freakishly small wrists so I hadn’t been able to wear it since I got it, until finally a few weeks ago I managed to take enough links out  so it would fit. I have been wearing it almost nonstop since, and I really wanted to share it with you because I love it so much!

I love this dress and the whole look, I think it’s perfect for summer while still looking put together– I posed in front of my pool to really get a summery background haha. The maxi can easily be dressed up or down, and I think it was such a steal for only ten bucks! Hopefully you love it as much as me, and I am so glad to be back 🙂