Southern Belle


Hi guys!
So I’ve had this post ready for you since Spring Break, but I put it off because I was busy doing something really exciting. The other day, Katie Elliott from Tag a Trend contacted me and invited me to participate in her blog. This is how it works: each week, she picks a popular trend, then invites readers to submit their own photos of themselves wearing that particular trend. She then puts them on her website with a link to each wearer’s blog. It’s such a wonderful idea because it helps other blogs become more recognized while also uniting people with a love for fashion.
This week’s trend was leggings, and when she asked if I would be interested I nearly did a little dance. It was perfect, because 1. I love leggings, as you all know, and 2. The outfit post I was about to put up had leggings! So hopefully I will be featured soon on her blog, which I encourage you to check out, along with her facebook page for the group.
So now, without further ado, one of my looks I submitted:
IMG_7874IMG_7877IMG_7875Denim button up shirt: Polo brand, free from clothes swap
Black leggings: Target, $4
Cream tank top: originally my sister’s, free
Cognac tall boots: Dana Buchman, Christmas present
Black lace headband: K-Mart, $1.99
Vintage bronze flower clip earrings: thrift store, $0.99
Outfit total: $6.98

Snap, guys. I can’t believe how many amazing things I got from the clothes swap I did with my friends! This shirt is Ralph Lauren, and it’s ridiculously adorable + comfortable. It’s perfect to wear with leggings, and adding the riding boots just makes a really comfortable outfit look dressed up, especially with the details of the earrings and the headband. The denim shirt trend is really becoming a thing, and I think this is a gloriously cute example of it. It also flattered my body proportions and made my waist look smaller. Over all I just felt like I looked really put together but it was such an easy look!
Instead of putting a picture of the other boots I have similar to these, I went ahead and just put the brand. I never wear those other boots since I got my new ones for Christmas. I really didn’t pay for my new ones so they actually do qualify for this blog, because lord knows I use lots of other clothing I got for free from other people! So from now on I’m just going to use them. That’s another good tip I have about being fashionable on a budget- if there’s one item you really, really love but it’s expensive, ask for it to be a present for a holiday or birthday. Those boots were one of my main presents from my parents for Christmas, and I’ve been blissfully happy with them. It’s a way to actually have a little better chance to get one of those big ticket items you know you could never afford normally.
I wore this outfit out to dinner with my family while we were in Natchez, Mississippi on Spring Break. I was trying to channel a little bit of a modern southern belle with this look, what do you think? We ate at a really cool Thai restaurant in an old building, where my mom snapped this picture of me on her camera phone:
haunted faceOh, yeah, just my face getting haunted, nbd.
But we honestly don’t know how this happened. My mom, sister, and myself all have the same phones, and we all take a LOT of pictures, and we’ve never seen anything like this happen. So….who knows…..
Speaking of ghosts and old things, we spent a lot of Spring Break looking at old plantations because my mom loves them. We toured one that was really pretty, and I actually have a bonus outfit for you guys that I’m throwing in on this post, because I only have one picture that my mom just happened to take of me and you can’t see it super well. Here it is:
IMG_7918Leopard scarf: gift, free
Mint shirt: clothes swap, free
Black skinny jeans: Forever 21, $10.50
Tall cognac boots: Dana Buchman, Christmas present

This picture is of me on the old mounting block, which I thought was appropriate in my riding-style boots haha. Well, I feel like I’ve talked enough for this post, so I will say goodbye, and I hope you’ll check out the Tag a Trend blog, who I have to give a special thank you to for the invite to participate in what they do!


PS I feel like today’s title speaks for itself!