Bottoms Up


Hi guys!
It’s time for my first outfit post as a COLLEGE GRADUATE. Oooooh. I wore this outfit out tonight to eat dinner with one of my best friends, Richie. He’s from Ireland but goes to school here in Oklahoma. On Monday he goes back home for the summer, so we decided to have dinner at an Irish pub, as has become our tradition. One of my much earlier outfit posts was from when we went to the same pub, so feel free to check it out as well. But now, here is my look from tonight:

IMG_8686IMG_8698Blue and white striped tee: Daisy Exchange (originally Forever 21 Men), $6.50
Red pants: Daisy Exchange (originally New York and Co.), $6.50
Navy canvas shoes: Target, $9
Gold key necklace: Forever 21, $2.50
Ruby and diamond screw-back earrings: antique store, gift from my mom ($6.50)
Outfit total: $24.50 (or $31 with the earrings)

So I’ve really been into a red, white, and blue color palette lately, I know, but I just bought this outfit today so I really wanted to share it with you. I went to lunch with my amazing friend Tiffany today, and we went to Daisy Exchange after. I limited myself to just buying these pants and the shirt, along with one other shirt (for $3.50! It will end up in this blog, I promise). I simply couldn’t turn down the pants, I love the bright pop of red and I think they’ll be a wonderful accent piece to pair with so much stuff. I was so excited that they fit AND that they were so cheap. They were the star of this outfit for me, and they’ll probably show up again pretty soon haha.
The shirt is actually labeled as Forever 21 Men’s, but I loved the looser fit and the v-neck. I paired it with my navy fake Keds for a casual look that I thought was appropriate to a pub, but I put my hair up to show off the absolutely amazing earrings I got from an antique store when we went out of town this weekend for my dad’s birthday to give it a feminine touch. My mom was incredibly nice and bought them for me, so I thought I could get away with adding them in here 🙂 They’re very vintage and have the classic screw-back. It’s the first pair of screw-back earrings I’ve ever worn, so I took a couple of tries to get them up on properly.
I finished the look off with a simple gold key necklace to tie everything in. I really love the key necklace (I bought one in silver, too, because they were only $2.50), it’s a medium length that goes well with tons of different necklines and it also is simple enough to pair with most outfits for a pretty touch. 

So that’s my look, hope you like it! And you should check out the interesting experience I had on the trip where I purchased the earrings over on my other blog, it was pretty crazy!


PS My title comes from the well-known phrase, which I thought worked perfectly both because I wore this to the pub and because I am so excited about my new red pants!