Foxy Lady


Salutations, Dear Readers!
I hope you all had an excellent Christmas!! Mine was definitely very merry, and I had a wonderful day. Now, as my Christmas present to you all who enjoy reading my blog, I’m going to be doing something of a double feature. Tonight I’m posting an outfit I wore a month or so ago, and tomorrow (hopefully) I will be posting the outfit I wore for Christmas, along with gloating over all the awesome swag I got 🙂 haha but here is my outfit from awhile back:
(Photo credit: Katelyn Howard)

Fox dress: Gap, $10.80
Black tights: Target, $3
Tortoiseshell flats: Old Navy, $9
Caramel braided belt: local thrift store, $1.80
Outfit total: $24.60

As you might guess, I LOVE foxes sooo much, so I was incredibly excited when I got this dress at the local Gap outlet. It was on sale for $17 and my sister had a 40% off coupon so there was no way I could resist it. I love the ruffly bottom and I love the colors of the dress. I tried to get a close-up of the pattern so you could see it really well, but my roommate Kate took the picture of it on her phone and I couldn’t tell it was blurry when blown up until tonight haha. But hopefully you can get an idea from all three pictures.
Another thing I love is a tortoiseshell pattern, and I fell in love with these pointy-toed flats when I saw them on sale at Old Navy. Sadly, they were a little bit smaller than I realized and rub a little 😦 The perils of shopping, I suppose. I’m also wearing my glasses for the first time in a blog post, and though you can’t really tell, they are tortoiseshell. I am technically supposed to wear them all the time, but I only need them for really long distance stuff so I generally only wear them on days when I need to see the board in classes. And actually, if you wear glasses, we got a great deal on these frames; they were only $60 from Eyemart Express! Haha they’re appropriately from a brand called “Geek,” and I promise you I’ll take a better picture of them in another post.
I feel like I don’t even need to mention that belt anymore since it’s in most of my posts. I also didn’t include my earrings because I didn’t think to take a picture of them and you can’t really see them at all, but they were only .99 cents at a thrift store, so there you go 🙂 Also, you might be beginning to notice that I really love to wear tights with dresses, and I apologize because I can guarantee there’s going to be more posts exhibiting that particular combo haha.
I just wore this to class one day towards the very end of the semester, since Oklahoma had a freakishly warm November/most of December.  It was warm and sunny and the new fox dress I just bought seemed the perfect thing to wear, especially since it matched my new shoes and my glasses.
That’s all there really is to say about this, and I’m trying to keep it short because I’m planning on posting another outfit tomorrow.

Now, an amazing Peeta pin:
both is goodQuestion: How can you beat Josh Hutcherson, Hunger Games, and The Road to El Dorado, all in one pin?
Answer: You can’t.
Clearly, someone else understands exactly the Peeta/Josh separation difficulty. Because both definitely is good.