Loosen Up My Buttons Babe


Hello Readers!
I’m back again, and without the month long gap in between. I hope you’re impressed…and that you’re doubly impressed when I tell you I have two outfits all queued up for you. But you only get one today– gotta make these things last!
Today’s outfit is from a couple days ago when I just went out for errands and to eat, so it’s casual and comfy.

Gray cotton dress: Ross, $10
Navy button up shirt: Daisy Exchange, $8
Leopard scarf: (from Spain!!) souvenir from my friend Brenna
Cognac riding boots: Kohl’s, Christmas gift
Pearl earrings: Claire’s, birthday gift
Fossil watch: Ross, graduation gift
Outfit total: $18

This outfit is just something I threw together kind of last minute. We’ve been having unseasonably warm weather for November in Oklahoma, so I wanted to take advantage of a beautiful day and wear a dress without needing leggings or tights. It was still a bit windy, so I paired it with my favorite scarf and added a long sleeve shirt. I love the button up shirt over a dress look, and you’ll definitely be seeing that from me again.
I got this navy button up for really cheap from Daisy Exchange, and I love it. It looks really nice, but it’s still very soft and not too tight across the bust like a lot of button ups I try on. I’ve worn it with a ton of other stuff but just never managed to get it on the blog until now.
And of course, it wouldn’t be a fall outfit post on my blog unless I added my favorite Dana Buchman boots, a Christmas gift from my lovely parents last year.
Hope you like my outfit, and stay tuned for another one coming very soon, where I will be trying something a little different…



Hello Again, Hello My Friends, Hello


I have to tell you, Readers, that life has been a little rough on me lately. I’ve been mysteriously sick for almost two months. One of the most horrible, hardest things I’ve ever experienced also happened when my beloved, wonderful cat of sixteen years, Boo, passed away on September 8th (you can read about it on my other blog if you like). Life has seemed pretty bleak, lately, truth to tell.
Finally this Tuesday, I was able to see a specialist, who has prescribed me some medicines that have actually been helping. Of course, the day after I finally started feeling well, I have begun developing some sort of sinus/ upper respiratory infection thing, which has made me miserable. I slept most of the day today after being up all night coughing and sneezing and with a runny nose. But when I finally emerged from my stupor this evening, I was feeling much improved, and so the fam and I decided to go out to dinner at a local Irish pub that I really love. I hadn’t been since May (I actually posted the outfit I wore on here) so I was very excited to go back.
But the thing I was most excited about is that it finally was cold enough today to wear LEGGINGS. If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know I am an enormous fan of wearing leggings, a long, loose shirt, and tall boots. It’s like the easiest, most comfortable outfit combo imaginable, and I admit I probably post variations of that exact thing on here far too much. But you all have had a break from that all summer, so I feel no guilt in sharing this outfit with you now 🙂


Plum dolman top: Target, $5.98
Black leggings: Target, $4
Cognac tall boots: Christmas gift
Pearl ring: State Fair booth, $5
Tortoiseshell watch: graduation gift
Pearl clip earrings: birthday gift
Braided leather headband: homemade
Outfit total: $14.98

Okay, okay, I know I’m kind of cheating on this one since three of the things I’m wearing were gifts that I happen to know are expensive. But the boots I wore tonight are my favorite, and I did get them as a Christmas gift so technically they count. And honestly, I’m going to be wearing them all the time so I’ve just accepted they’re kind of cheating.
Mostly I just wanted to show off this lovely plum top. I think the color is gorgeous, and the fit is super flattering. I love the little insets of lace on the shoulders, they go all across the back, too, and I think they give it a special touch. I love fluttery wing sleeves, and my favorite thing about this top is that I looked at it and knew immediately is would be long enough to wear with leggings haha. Now, it’s confession time– this top is actually a maternity top hahaha. But good lord please don’t think I mean I am confessing I am pregnant. I am NOT. But I have long had this love/hate relationship with Target’s maternity clothes. It seems like EVERY TIME I go and look through their clearance racks, I’ll pick up things over and over that I think are really cute before realizing they are maternity. It makes me crazy, so I finally just said, I don’t care! And went ahead and bought it for myself; it was on clearance after all. I don’t think you can tell it’s maternity if you don’t know. What about you, did you guess?
I finished this very pretty top off with my old friends, a pair of black leggings, which I have been longing to wear all summer but have simply been far too hot to do so. Naturally, I paired them with my favorite boots, then added some pretty little touches with the pearl earrings, the pearl ring, my watch, and my favorite headband, which I made myself and which perfectly matches my boots. Hopefully you’re as excited for this outfit as I was to put on a pair of leggings tonight!


Southern Belle


Hi guys!
So I’ve had this post ready for you since Spring Break, but I put it off because I was busy doing something really exciting. The other day, Katie Elliott from Tag a Trend contacted me and invited me to participate in her blog. This is how it works: each week, she picks a popular trend, then invites readers to submit their own photos of themselves wearing that particular trend. She then puts them on her website with a link to each wearer’s blog. It’s such a wonderful idea because it helps other blogs become more recognized while also uniting people with a love for fashion.
This week’s trend was leggings, and when she asked if I would be interested I nearly did a little dance. It was perfect, because 1. I love leggings, as you all know, and 2. The outfit post I was about to put up had leggings! So hopefully I will be featured soon on her blog, which I encourage you to check out, along with her facebook page for the group.
So now, without further ado, one of my looks I submitted:
IMG_7874IMG_7877IMG_7875Denim button up shirt: Polo brand, free from clothes swap
Black leggings: Target, $4
Cream tank top: originally my sister’s, free
Cognac tall boots: Dana Buchman, Christmas present
Black lace headband: K-Mart, $1.99
Vintage bronze flower clip earrings: thrift store, $0.99
Outfit total: $6.98

Snap, guys. I can’t believe how many amazing things I got from the clothes swap I did with my friends! This shirt is Ralph Lauren, and it’s ridiculously adorable + comfortable. It’s perfect to wear with leggings, and adding the riding boots just makes a really comfortable outfit look dressed up, especially with the details of the earrings and the headband. The denim shirt trend is really becoming a thing, and I think this is a gloriously cute example of it. It also flattered my body proportions and made my waist look smaller. Over all I just felt like I looked really put together but it was such an easy look!
Instead of putting a picture of the other boots I have similar to these, I went ahead and just put the brand. I never wear those other boots since I got my new ones for Christmas. I really didn’t pay for my new ones so they actually do qualify for this blog, because lord knows I use lots of other clothing I got for free from other people! So from now on I’m just going to use them. That’s another good tip I have about being fashionable on a budget- if there’s one item you really, really love but it’s expensive, ask for it to be a present for a holiday or birthday. Those boots were one of my main presents from my parents for Christmas, and I’ve been blissfully happy with them. It’s a way to actually have a little better chance to get one of those big ticket items you know you could never afford normally.
I wore this outfit out to dinner with my family while we were in Natchez, Mississippi on Spring Break. I was trying to channel a little bit of a modern southern belle with this look, what do you think? We ate at a really cool Thai restaurant in an old building, where my mom snapped this picture of me on her camera phone:
haunted faceOh, yeah, just my face getting haunted, nbd.
But we honestly don’t know how this happened. My mom, sister, and myself all have the same phones, and we all take a LOT of pictures, and we’ve never seen anything like this happen. So….who knows…..
Speaking of ghosts and old things, we spent a lot of Spring Break looking at old plantations because my mom loves them. We toured one that was really pretty, and I actually have a bonus outfit for you guys that I’m throwing in on this post, because I only have one picture that my mom just happened to take of me and you can’t see it super well. Here it is:
IMG_7918Leopard scarf: gift, free
Mint shirt: clothes swap, free
Black skinny jeans: Forever 21, $10.50
Tall cognac boots: Dana Buchman, Christmas present

This picture is of me on the old mounting block, which I thought was appropriate in my riding-style boots haha. Well, I feel like I’ve talked enough for this post, so I will say goodbye, and I hope you’ll check out the Tag a Trend blog, who I have to give a special thank you to for the invite to participate in what they do!


PS I feel like today’s title speaks for itself!

With a Laugh She is Slipping Through the Lilies on the Water


Alright, everyone.
I am suuuper excited for this post, because it’s one of the best deals I’ve had in ages. In direct contrast to my last outfit, it’s a girly dress in spring colors. I just wore this for class on Monday:

 Floral print dress: Daisy Exchange, $3
White cardigan: local thrift store, $3
Black stone necklace: my mom’s
Black boots*: Salvation Army, $4.53
Outfit total: $10.53

Look at that dress! It is so cute, and it was only THREE DOLLARS. I have no idea why it was on sale for so cheap at Daisy Exchange. I only got it a week or so ago, so I know it’s still cool weather and everything, but it’s almost spring time and I think this is a perfect spring dress. I wore it on one of those tentatively warm days that crop up during the transition from winter to spring. It was nice during the day, but I eventually had to change in the evening because it got really cool.
I think the floral print with the pastels makes for a pretty, feminine look, especially paired with the simple white cardigan. It reminded me of a Monet painting of water lilies!
But what I like about this outfit is that, paired with the black boots and black necklace, I think it gives a harder edge to the outfit. I wore it with my 25 dollar boots that I love so much, because they have buckles on them that give an almost motorcycle boot feel to them. Combined with the black necklace, which is made entirely of irregularly shaped stones, it felt edgier and added an interesting element to the outfit, a contrast between hard and soft that I liked.
As I mentioned, I wore my more expensive boots…. buuuut…. I remembered to take a picture for you all in my cheaper boots!

 Here you can see the dress better. It actually had a little bit of boning in the bodice that give the dress some structure. It created a contrast in the dress itself between hard and soft, with the structure top and the flowy skirt. The band around the waist also made me look smaller. Overall, I thought it was a very flattering dress as well; and ONLY THREE DOLLARS!
So there you have it, guys, one of the best bargains I’ve found in ages! Stay tuned for my next outfit, wherein I will also take a picture of the amazing shoes I found today that I am absolutely in love with (Hint: THEY ARE OXFORDS!!! AHHHHH!!!)


PS I have always made it a point on this blog to have my title come from some poem, lyric, or even famous quote but I realized I never mentioned that. So, from now on, I’m going to make sure and include a link at the bottom of each post to whatever my post title comes from. Here is today’s, which comes from a poem called Water Lilies, which is actually by AA Milne, who wrote Winnie the Pooh 🙂 The other source I considered was this poem by one of my favorite poets, Sara Teasdale. I highly recommend her, and this poem, which is a little bit darker (like some elements of my outfit!)

“L” is For The Way You Look At Me


Hi everyone!
I hope you had an absolutely lovely Valentine’s Day, I definitely did. I actually wrote about it on my other blog if you are interested, where I talk about why I love Valentine’s so much, even though I’ve been boyfriendless on V-Day for the past 8 years. One of the reasons I do is because Valentine’s gives me a great excuse to dress up a little more than I normally do, and that is the outfit I am bringing you!

IMG_7563IMG_7561Fuchsia lace dress: Daisy Exchange, $8.50
Black leggings: Target, $3
Boot socks: Kohl’s, Christmas gift ($6)
Caramel braided belt: local thrift store, $1.80
Cognac boots: Kohl’s, Christmas gift
Gold heart necklace: Christmas gift
Outfit total: $19.30*

*Again, I did terrible, and I forgot to take a picture with my alternative cheap boots, but here’s a picture of them by themselves, they really are very similar to the ones I have on in the picture:
Tall cognac boots: local thrift store, $4
Combined with rest of outfit: $23.30

I wish I hadn’t had to wear the leggings, but it was pretty cold on Valentine’s Day in Oklahoma, so sometimes one must be more sensible than fashionable. I adore this dress though, it fit me perfectly and I loved the lace because I thought it made it a little more dressy. I also don’t really have any other clothes in that color so it was nice to add such a bright, pretty color to my wardrobe. My trusty belt and necklace make their return in this outfit, and the boots and boot socks helped keep my feet warm on a chilly day.
I got up extra early before class on Valentine’s so I could curl my hair with a curling iron (a never before tried feat, so be impressed). I was amazed at how well it came out, it looked kind of 20s and I loved it. Unfortunately, by the time this picture was taken in the evening, the curls had mostly fallen out. My hair hates curls, much to my intense frustration. So anyway, this was my Valentine’s outfit, I felt lovely in it and I hope you like it as well! And I promise, my next outfit won’t have boots, boot socks, or leggings in it!


PS On a great suggestion from one of my readers, I’m hoping you will reply to my outfit post with whatever you wore on Valentine’s Day, or just any outfit you really love, that you think is a great bargain! I would appreciate it so much, and I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments!