With a Laugh She is Slipping Through the Lilies on the Water


Alright, everyone.
I am suuuper excited for this post, because it’s one of the best deals I’ve had in ages. In direct contrast to my last outfit, it’s a girly dress in spring colors. I just wore this for class on Monday:

 Floral print dress: Daisy Exchange, $3
White cardigan: local thrift store, $3
Black stone necklace: my mom’s
Black boots*: Salvation Army, $4.53
Outfit total: $10.53

Look at that dress! It is so cute, and it was only THREE DOLLARS. I have no idea why it was on sale for so cheap at Daisy Exchange. I only got it a week or so ago, so I know it’s still cool weather and everything, but it’s almost spring time and I think this is a perfect spring dress. I wore it on one of those tentatively warm days that crop up during the transition from winter to spring. It was nice during the day, but I eventually had to change in the evening because it got really cool.
I think the floral print with the pastels makes for a pretty, feminine look, especially paired with the simple white cardigan. It reminded me of a Monet painting of water lilies!
But what I like about this outfit is that, paired with the black boots and black necklace, I think it gives a harder edge to the outfit. I wore it with my 25 dollar boots that I love so much, because they have buckles on them that give an almost motorcycle boot feel to them. Combined with the black necklace, which is made entirely of irregularly shaped stones, it felt edgier and added an interesting element to the outfit, a contrast between hard and soft that I liked.
As I mentioned, I wore my more expensive boots…. buuuut…. I remembered to take a picture for you all in my cheaper boots!

 Here you can see the dress better. It actually had a little bit of boning in the bodice that give the dress some structure. It created a contrast in the dress itself between hard and soft, with the structure top and the flowy skirt. The band around the waist also made me look smaller. Overall, I thought it was a very flattering dress as well; and ONLY THREE DOLLARS!
So there you have it, guys, one of the best bargains I’ve found in ages! Stay tuned for my next outfit, wherein I will also take a picture of the amazing shoes I found today that I am absolutely in love with (Hint: THEY ARE OXFORDS!!! AHHHHH!!!)


PS I have always made it a point on this blog to have my title come from some poem, lyric, or even famous quote but I realized I never mentioned that. So, from now on, I’m going to make sure and include a link at the bottom of each post to whatever my post title comes from. Here is today’s, which comes from a poem called Water Lilies, which is actually by AA Milne, who wrote Winnie the Pooh 🙂 The other source I considered was this poem by one of my favorite poets, Sara Teasdale. I highly recommend her, and this poem, which is a little bit darker (like some elements of my outfit!)


J’Ador, Mon Amour


Hi everyone!
I’m excited to have an outfit to post for you all! I’ve really been enjoying writing on my other blog, and I so hope you’ve been following and enjoying it as well. But it’s nice to get back here and share a good bargain with you guys! My outfit today is one I just wore for class and out to go thrifting (and that is foreshadowing, because I’ve got a purchase to show you). Here it is:
mon amour“Mon Amour” top: Forever 21, $11
Navy shorts: Old Navy, $7
Navy canvas shoes: Target, $9
Silver heart necklace: Forever 21, gift (but I think around $3-4)
Outfit total: $27 (or $30 if you include the necklace)

I apologize for being a couple dollars over! I paid a little bit more for a top than I’m usually willing to, but it’s just because this is one of my favorite shirts I’ve ever bought. I love absolutely everything about it; color scheme, the stripes, the whimsical print, the “my love” in French (sorry that it’s backwards to you all). It’s also baggy enough that I can wear it on a fat day as easily as a feel-good one. It also works with almost any bottom I pair with it, from skirts to skinny jeans to leggings. And, as you can see, with shorts. That’s right, shorts. Because Oklahoma weather is so insane, I can wear shorts in January. (Fun fact: I wore this outfit on Monday, and then this morning, we were in a tornado watch. Wow, Oklahoma.)
I love these shorts, too, they’re one of my most utilized. Navy pairs well with tons of different colors, and these shorts are longer and looser so that they are more appropriate for a greater variety of places.
I wore these shoes in my very first post when I was on vacation in St. Louis. I actually haven’t really been able to wear them much since another post I did, the one of my museum outfit, because, while we were on that vacation, we went to a cave (a very common leisure activity for my family), and they got soaked and the plastic sole of one of them split. It was only recently that I found some shoe glue and fixed them. Fashion tip: don’t wear canvas shoes in a cave. The cave doesn’t care how cute they look with your outfit.
Finally, my necklace. It was a gift for my birthday one year, and like my bronze heart necklace, it is one of the ones I wear the most. I love hearts, and I love that it’s a longer necklace. I think they’re easier to wear than short necklaces. And, of course, I felt that a heart necklace was the perfect accessory to a shirt that says “Mon Amour.”
Now, as I mentioned, I wore this to go to a thrift store (making me feel like a huge loser, this picture was taken in the mirror of the thrift store bathroom/dressing room, since it’s the same thing). As I am incredibly poor, I haven’t been shopping in ages. But, at this thrift store the last time I went, I got boots, a shirt, three belts, a necklace, and the sweater I wore for Christmas for eleven dollars. I had high hopes I could find something inexpensive. And, indeed, I found this cute shirt for astonishingly cheap:
 This nautical-inspired shirt with the cute navy monogram was mine for the price offfff….. 91 cents. That’s right. NINETY-ONE CENTS. I paid not even a dollar for it. I hope that you all are suitably impressed.
Anyway, that’s all for this post! I hope you guys will check out my other blog, and share this one as well!