I Love You, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do


Hello again, Readers!
If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you might have noticed that I really love dresses. Like, really, really, REALLY love them. Like I have so many, I can’t even hang them all up because there’s not enough room. The problem is, I just can’t stop buying them. There’s nothing like a new, pretty dress to just really make me feel beautiful. Now, having said this, it might not surprise you that I really, really love weddings, because (aside from just being wonderful in general) weddings give me an excuse to wear all those dresses I can’t seem to stop myself from buying. When my friend D’Erin got engaged last year, I had my outfit planned for her wedding before I even got the invitation. Yesterday, the big night finally came. It did not, however, work out exactly as I had hoped. You can read all about how my night turned into something of a disaster on my other blog if you like. Suffice to say– I missed the wedding. I did, however, manage to make it to the reception, so I at least felt like I looked good while I was hating myself! I saw this dress on Pinterest a while back and fell in love with it:

That’s why when I went in Daisy Exchange and bought the dress I ended up wearing to D’Erin’s wedding, I almost had a heart attack.

Here’s my designer outfit: designer wedding H&M Chiffon Dress: $33
Debenham’s Mustard Opaque Tights: $11
Steve Madden Pammyy Shoes: $69
A.V. Max Gold Metal Feather Earrings: $22
Happily Ever Abalone Necklace: $17
Outfit total: $152

My copycat bargain outfit: image (2) image (1) image 20140105_174325_LLS (Thanks to my best friend Skye for taking pictures of me with her fancy new phone in the bathroom at the reception hahaha)
Black shift dress: Daisy Exchange (originally H&M), $8
Gold polka dot tights: Old Navy, Christmas present ($7)
Royal blue wedges: Target, $7
Blue-green collar necklace: Forever 21, gift
Gold dangle earrings: Claire’s, Christmas gift
Outfit total: $22

I have to admit, this is one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever worn for the blog. I really wanted gold tights to go with it, but I never could find any that were even under $15. I actually tried to make my own gold glitter tights, which is documented in the post on my other blog about D’Erin’s wedding. Much like my attempt to find the church, the tights were an utter failure. Luckily I had already picked these tights out for my parents to give me for Christmas. I really like them, but unfortunately I bought a size too small and so they are a weeee bit snug.
I am obsessed with this dress. I love the silhouette, and I love the sheer, full sleeves with the tight cuffs. It feels very elegant, and I thought it was the perfect LBD. And, as far as I can tell, it is identical to the pink dress I loved so much on Pinterest.
I’ve actually had this necklace on the blog before; it was a gift from my friend Lyssa the Christmas before last, and it’s still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I’ve ever received. I love the mix of colors and the flow of the necklace, they look like little leaves or feathers. I
have mentioned before my struggles with wearing high heels, and so I always have wedges when I have to actually dress up. I loved the color and the style of these, and I had actually planned to wear them for my graduation. However, that did not end up working out because I did not want to break my ankle at graduation. I’ve been wanting an opportunity to wear them again, and I think they were the perfect complement to this look. Unfortunately, I am apparently just as bad at wedges as I am at high heels, and by the end of the night I had to take my shoes off because I literally was unable to walk my feet hurt so bad. This resulted in me walking through downtown Oklahoma City in just tights haha.
The only thing left that I needed to complete this outfit were some big, dramatic gold earrings. A couple days before the wedding, I was laying in bed trying to think of what I could wear, and worrying about how I was going to find some gold earrings. The next day I met up with my best friend Skye to exchange Christmas presents, and what did I find in my bag put these gorgeous golden earrings. Skye provided the exact finishing touch I needed to bring this whole outfit together. I felt very fancy and grownup, and I had a lovely time at the reception.
D’Erin looked absolutely stunning and I am so incredibly happy for her and her new husband. Our shoes actually ended up being the same color, which made my heart happy 🙂 As always, I hope you love my outfit as much as I do!



Pumped Up Kicks


Hi everyone!
I’m really excited about today’s post, it’s a little different than anything else I’ve posted on here before and I think it’s fabulous. I also have a lot of pictures as well. Today was my mom’s birthday, and we went out to dinner at TGI Friday’s:
 IMG_8252IMG_8255IMG_8256IMG_8257Striped dress: Forever 21, $7
Red cardigan: local thrift store, $0.50
Navy tights: Target, $5
Red Converse high tops: Ross, $7.50
Gold heart locket: Christmas gift
Leopard ring: gift
Gold knot ring: antique mall, $3
Outfit total: $23.00

So what do you think? I just wanted to keep wearing this because I felt pretty cool in it haha. I’ve had those Converse for literally years, but I NEVER wore them. I was just never sure how to wear high tops, they always looked dumb to me no matter what I put them with. But when I was a junior, I got a new roommate who had a pair of high tops that she absolutely rocked by folding them down. By that point I’d forgotten I even had the high tops because they were thrown back in the dark depths of my closet at home. This year I stumbled across them and began trying to play around with ways to wear them but still struggled. Finally, I just picked a way and went with it, and I actually ended up loving it. Now I keep trying to wear them with everything.
As for the rest, I actually just pretty much threw this outfit together. The dress is my sister’s,  and she uses it to cover up the light from her clock at night haha I just decided to try it on. Every weekend when I come home from school, I just bring a few major things home like a few pairs of shoes and pants. I just happened to be wearing those tights when I came home, so I had them when I normally wouldn’t. The cardigan, which I hope you noted was FIFTY CENTS, was one I found a few years ago at a thrift store. My sister had been looking for a red cardigan, and at fifty cents I thought it was worth it to buy it and bring it home to see if she liked it or not. It turned out to be one we both loved.
My jewelry is familiar if you’ve seen many of my outfits, because I wear my heart necklace all time. I’ve also worn the leopard ring before; it was a gift from my amazing friend Morgan and I love it. You may have noticed I was wearing another much smaller ring on my other hand, here’s a closer picture of it and my other jewlery:
IMG_8253I have a confession to make: I’ve been being a little dishonest while I’ve been doing this blog. I’ve never shown this ring before in a post, but I wear it every single day, all the time. It’s just so small and thin that it never really shows up in pictures. But here it is now, in all its glory. It’s really strange to me, because I got this a couple of years ago on Spring Break in an antique mall in Jefferson, Texas. It’s vintage and handmade, and it was only three dollars. I loved how small and delicate it was, and I’ve always loved knotwork rings, so I simply had to have it. Suddenly, fairly recently, it seems like the infinity symbol has become hugely popular and I’ve seen rings similar or just like this all over Pinterest and the internet for really expensive. I was just grateful to get mine so cheaply, and it’s got all the character of a handmade, vintage ring. I actually see it as a sort of promise ring to myself, that I’ll always remember to believe in a love that lasts forever. I used to wear it on my ring finger, but it’s just the slightest bit too big. After it came off in a glove that I actually threw into the trash at the daycare where I work, I decided it had to move onto my (fatter) middle finger, where it’s been ever since.
So that is my outfit for today! I hope you love it as much as I do. It felt fun, young, and a little bit more flirtatious, while still being stylish. I really loved the pairing of a dress with high top sneakers, while the cardigan added a touch of sophistication that kept it from becoming a little too sexy for this easily flustered girl!
Also, notice I tried something different with my hair. I got it cut recently and added some layers after I-don’t-know-how-long. Today I tried straightening it, even though I think my hair looks much better curled, and made a braid headband. BOOM. Faaaaancy.


PS Today’s post title comes from the song of the same name by Foster the People.

Foxy Lady


Salutations, Dear Readers!
I hope you all had an excellent Christmas!! Mine was definitely very merry, and I had a wonderful day. Now, as my Christmas present to you all who enjoy reading my blog, I’m going to be doing something of a double feature. Tonight I’m posting an outfit I wore a month or so ago, and tomorrow (hopefully) I will be posting the outfit I wore for Christmas, along with gloating over all the awesome swag I got 🙂 haha but here is my outfit from awhile back:
(Photo credit: Katelyn Howard)

Fox dress: Gap, $10.80
Black tights: Target, $3
Tortoiseshell flats: Old Navy, $9
Caramel braided belt: local thrift store, $1.80
Outfit total: $24.60

As you might guess, I LOVE foxes sooo much, so I was incredibly excited when I got this dress at the local Gap outlet. It was on sale for $17 and my sister had a 40% off coupon so there was no way I could resist it. I love the ruffly bottom and I love the colors of the dress. I tried to get a close-up of the pattern so you could see it really well, but my roommate Kate took the picture of it on her phone and I couldn’t tell it was blurry when blown up until tonight haha. But hopefully you can get an idea from all three pictures.
Another thing I love is a tortoiseshell pattern, and I fell in love with these pointy-toed flats when I saw them on sale at Old Navy. Sadly, they were a little bit smaller than I realized and rub a little 😦 The perils of shopping, I suppose. I’m also wearing my glasses for the first time in a blog post, and though you can’t really tell, they are tortoiseshell. I am technically supposed to wear them all the time, but I only need them for really long distance stuff so I generally only wear them on days when I need to see the board in classes. And actually, if you wear glasses, we got a great deal on these frames; they were only $60 from Eyemart Express! Haha they’re appropriately from a brand called “Geek,” and I promise you I’ll take a better picture of them in another post.
I feel like I don’t even need to mention that belt anymore since it’s in most of my posts. I also didn’t include my earrings because I didn’t think to take a picture of them and you can’t really see them at all, but they were only .99 cents at a thrift store, so there you go 🙂 Also, you might be beginning to notice that I really love to wear tights with dresses, and I apologize because I can guarantee there’s going to be more posts exhibiting that particular combo haha.
I just wore this to class one day towards the very end of the semester, since Oklahoma had a freakishly warm November/most of December.  It was warm and sunny and the new fox dress I just bought seemed the perfect thing to wear, especially since it matched my new shoes and my glasses.
That’s all there really is to say about this, and I’m trying to keep it short because I’m planning on posting another outfit tomorrow.

Now, an amazing Peeta pin:
both is goodQuestion: How can you beat Josh Hutcherson, Hunger Games, and The Road to El Dorado, all in one pin?
Answer: You can’t.
Clearly, someone else understands exactly the Peeta/Josh separation difficulty. Because both definitely is good.


I Feel Pretty, Oh, So Pretty


Oooooooo, Readers. This will be my spooookiest post yet, because, of course… it’s All Hallows’ Eve! This post will feature some very scary things, including boos and the most terrifying unibrow you’ll probably ever see. It will also feature my favorite outfit to date. So try not to cover your eyes, because there is some exciting stuff to see!
My outfit for this post is one I wore for class on a particularly pretty day when I just wanted to wear something I found particularly pretty. Here it is:
(Photo credit: Katie Schwarz)

Blue patterned dress: Target clearance, $7.48
Black tights: Walmart, $3
Red flats: Target clearance, $7
Grey belt: Came with a pair of pants from Old Navy!
Grey headband: Dollar General, $1
Red and gold ring: Target, $3
Gold heart locket: Christmas gift
Outfit total: $21.48

I’m not going to lie, I am in love with this outfit. I saw this dress at Target and freaked out when I realized it was on sale. I am very fond of the style of gauzy, see through dresses over an underdress. I loved the geometric pattern, the alternation between light and dark blue, and the red and gold accents at the bottom. It just looked so interesting to me, and there are a million different way I can think of to accessorize it.
Another reason I am especially fond of this dress is because I think it is very flattering to my shape. I played soccer for my whole life, and when I finally quit after my freshman year of college, I put on weight that soccer had always kept off. It’s been a little difficult to learn to dress my body in the best way possible with its changes. I think this outfit does an excellent job. The proportions of the dress flatter my best parts and hide the not as best. It minimizes my chest, which is a little generous for how short I am. The A-line flare of the skirt gives me a fuller shape through my hips but cinches in my waist, especially with the addition of the belt, helping to balance everything out.
As for the rest of my outfit, I love dresses with tights and flats. I loved the pop of red from my shoes that picked up in the skirt and echoed in my ring and necklace. Here’s a little closer look at them, by the way:
I love that necklace, which my mom got me for Christmas. It’s really convenient because I can wear it like this, with the red stone showing in the middle, or flipped over as just a plain gold locket, like I did in my post It’s Gonna Be A Long, Hot Summer. You can also see my headband a little better here, since it’s not very noticeable in the other pictures considering it was a typical excessively windy day in Oklahoma and my hair was crazy.
I felt so happy wearing this outfit, and I think you can tell. I completely understand that some days, are just sweatpants days. As a life long soccer player, I had sweatpant months. But I think that dressing up just makes you feel good. But I think that no matter what you wear, if you love your clothes and rock them, your confidence will make you look fabulous. Of course, for me a talented photographer always helps. So of course, a special thanks to Katie Schwarz for her lovely photos, as always!
Now, I promised you boos, so I will now deliver:


I give you my precious baby kitty, Boo-Boo 🙂
As for the terrifying unibrow, I give you my Halloween costume:


Frida Kahlo is not impressed with your Halloween shenanigans. (And in the spirit of my blog, the only thing I bought for this outfit was some red lipstick. Everything I else I already had!)
Finally, my Peeta pin:

Even Frida is impressed by Halloween Peeta.


PS Happy 75th birthday yesterday to my beautiful and wonderful Nana, still as ornery as ever.